Energy Update: The Tides of Change Swell Within and Around Us!

Greetings, friends!

This is an update that I have been meaning to make for the last few days but have not been able to really extract myself from the energy experience enough to put feeling to word. Friday through this morning have felt like being in a space outside of time where so much has happened. I will do my best to give a broad overview of the themes that I have been encountering in service, embodiment, and session.


Over the weekend, we encountered a beautiful moment of karmic shuffling in which entire threads of energy were brought up for review. Similarly to this date last year, we were able to bring in many parts of our individual and collective history for review, re-coding, and re-lease . I spent much time working with a divine masculine counterpart with whom I have shared many lives. Together, we worked through clearing energetic distortion on the trajectory of Christ Consciousness, Twin Flame relationships, various relationships between 'gods' and 'humans', and intergalactic peace. It was inspiring to support him as he coded for masculine integration and worked for the masculine in all of us to be brought more into balance. We blueprinted all that we could possibly manage and continue as always on that task!

As we went about our tasks, we were conscious of other teams working on themes connected to their own experiences. Thank you to each of you who have been (and continue to be) a part of this process. Having the strength and courage to connect to and clear galactic history is an incredibly important component of bringing balance as we continue

to recode our collective experience. It can be both exciting and intense to have so much come through you as part of these gatekeeping experiences.


What becomes exciting as being part of the ascension experience is that as it plays out, we are called to participate in various tasks as an awakened collective. Many people in my circle have been feeling the bubbling of bands of energy ready for transfiguration as the waves of ascension ripple through ever larger pockets of the collective. When we shift major timelines and loop out distorted experiences, it can lead to a big love wave karma shifting experience where entire bands of energy get loosened quickly. Many people report feeling sensations that are similar to their own healing requirements but not always rooted in where they are feeling right now. Perhaps the deep resurgence of a feeling that they used to always feel. For example, a feeling of rage or anxiety or sadness. They feel confused because they are unable to find the source of it within themselves. In these situations, is to check in with your oversoul/unified soul and ask:

"Am I feeling this for my collective?"

For many of us, the answer has been yes. In these cases, it becomes useful to return to some of the practices I was sharing with you back in the winter-time through the Magdalene and Rose series about connecting to your soul group and collective timelines. It is very possible that you are able to anchor in your 5d plus energetic blueprint experience in the moments that you feel these other vibrations occurring at a different band of reality. Remember that it is not your job to take away pain. I recommend envisioning yourself as a big huge beacon of loving light and energy that helps them find their path. Inviting your brothers and sisters into healing in the astrals, powering up your highest vbration experience, and being aware of your role as a blueprinter are all actions you can take here!


As I have been sharing throughout the season, we have been preparing ourselves for what feels to be a slingshot trajectory that is going to occur. This process has been well underway for others who are encountering and working their way through creating new pathways in their own life experience. Situations where you are given two (or more) seemingly very specific feeling choices about how to go about things are indications that you are moving through a bifircation pathway where the vibrational trajectory of your life is shifting. Connecting to your heart, trusting love, and following your highest vibrational alignments can require discipline and faith.

If you are ever in question of which path to take, taking time to continue raising your vibration for weeks or days is a great way to support your connection to clarity. Often times, when things are not clear it is because the answer is not quite there yet. Giving yourself time to shift can be an important lesson.


In closing, I extend a loving reminder to continue diligently calling in your next steps on your souls journey and raising your vibration. I understand that these moments can bring about such a range of experience from discomfort to jubilation. Solidifying a practice within it all where you consistently remind the universe and yourself in which direction you are going (in alignment with your 5d plus primary ascension creation timeline) is a great way to ground yourself in this process. I made a video sharing a basic meditation practice 2 weeks back which you can access through my youtbue page IndiCrow Energetics:

I leave you with some images that were taken in service over the past few days. There is so much more that has gone on than I have had the chance to share here. I will express more about it on the Crow's Nest tomorrow with Todd!

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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