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Shifting (With) the Collective

Greetings, friends!

I have encoded his post with cosmic heart, emerald ray, and white flame frequencies that are represented in the image that accompanies this text. Connect to it and intend to allow it to align your frequency if you are requiring a little lift on this most glorious but also WOW inducing series of days.

As many of you who are sensitive to the vibrational condition of the collectives here on earth feel, much has and is being shifted. We have had major transition in the grids with code alignments and in terms of collectively shedding entire reality trajectories. June through September were transformational months where so many people made the choice to wake up, we turned on the grids, and we shifted our whole trajectory as a planet. Though it may not feel like it, we are currently in a pocket of 'breathe', where high vibrational influxes highlight imbalance remaining within that is necessary to take care of before we take our personal (and planetary) next steps.

September being a 9 and completion month is significant, as these moments of pause where the frequencies reach deep ask us to complete this phase of our healing and service. You may have been noticing this in interactions with yourself and others these past few days. Huge insights and a-ha moments come along with clearing of distortion and density. If you are in a healing moment, be kind and gentle with yourself as these waves go deep. The same goes for those holding space and stabilzing through these transitions. We have reached a level where very large groups in the collective are processing and we are making exponential leaps. This experience can be raw, visceral, and bring you to your knees. It also has the power to cause you to explode in laughter, jump for joy, and pollinate the world with our creativity like little love bees.

In our current moment, we are nearing an apex that I feel will begin to shift out by the time we experience the new moon on the 9th (9-9, of course), though next steps for next phase do not feel like they will come until around Equinox. Part of unraveling is revisiting. There are so many personal and collective interaction and behaviour patterns up for re-coding right now. Everything from how we discuss the ascension process to exchange to balance in interactions is up for figuring out right now. Though it can be uncomfortable to have to look within and seriously consider change, doing so is important for all of us. As we continue to create through the constructs of our older ways into the new, we will be looking at EVERYTHING we do. This is part of release and re-configuration.

The more real you are with yourself and what you are working to connect with, the more pleasant these next few weeks are likely to be. Surrendering to your ascension process and calling in your highest alignments helps to get you out of a distortion space. Focusing on sharing positive interactions and creating from a heart space can be difficult when we are in environments where those we must interact with are not. But it is also part of the plan. Stay in love and be diligent in your truth.


Stabilizers of all sorts are being called to connect in and bring light where they can. I have focused much on connecting with trees and water as a way to use the various rays and crystal energies constituting various places as ways to level out and bring in the new energy or blue print patterns. Those who are working on the emotional stuff: I feel with you big time. Connect to your highest vibrational experience and allow everything else to slip out. Once you are a crystal, you become a filter. You do not have to go into the reality you are shifting in order to transfigure it!

Equinox is not far off, now! If the degree of clean up and transifguration required right now is any indication, we created the space to accomodate an incredible vibrational influx. We have much to do as co-creators of the new earth. I will return with more posts about that soon!

For today, I wanted to send out some love to those who are embodying this process in the various ways that feeling, healing, shifting, and transfiguring can be done. I send a big huge hug out to those doing stabilization work and remind you: trees, ocean, mountains, lakes, wind, rain, lightning, and fire can help. As can the rays and various other neat things that you no doubt invented as part of your discovery of your task. This band is almost over. Ascension oriented dragons thrive at working with this stuff. If you feel so called, invite them in and ask for support!

More from me soon.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Blog: www.indicrowenergetics.com IndiCrow Academy: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

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