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Creator Series Workshop: Finding, Trusting, and Sharing Your Vision

So many people are waking up to the idea that they are here to share their I AM self with the world. Along with that awakening often comes questions like 'Who do I share with?", "How do I get this vision from my head and heart out into the real world?", and "How do I create and connect to my highest alignment for sharing?"After spending much time in private session coaching clients through this, I thought, “Hey! This would be something fun to do as an extensive workshop and with a group.”

So, here we are with round one of my creator workshop series!

Dates: September 10 – October 21, 2018 with live meetings happening September 29 and October 21 (meeting times tbd based on participants).

Format: 3 modules (2 weeks each), 2 live meetings (week 3 and week 6)

Access: As with all my courses, this creator workshop takes place online through IndiCrow Academy. The three modules will consist of a recorded video lecture, practical

exercise, and guided energy process through which to connect, align, and create. Because we use video lecture, ASIDE FROM OUR 2 CALLS, THERE ARE NO SET MEETING TIMES. YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEOS AT YOUR OWN PACE IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR LIFE!

Topics we will cover together include:

- Defining and trusting your vision (exploring your vision, working with energy alignments to call in the highest vibration of sharing possible, and removing sharing blocks from your energy body such as the ability to accept exchange and/or the belief what you have to offer this world is valuable and important)

- Building a relationship with your audience and inspiration (identifying the collectives and energies you are working with and hearing/understanding what to share, when, and why)

- Sharing your expression (practicing sharing your expression in various forms. This includes making a posting, creating a list of client services, or working through the process of designing/launching a new program)

Although I will not be ‘checking homework’, there will be self study activities that go along with each module. These are designed to support your creation of deliverable items like giving your insights on a forum, organizing an event, or writing an article. What you create depends on where you are with your process. We will be sharing about these activities in our group calls and they will serve as a major source of your ‘deliverables’ designed after participating in this session.

There will be 2 live meetings (one at week 3, one week 6 with dates listed above). During these sessions, we will go over the material generated in past weeks and I will give feedback, hold space for question and answering, and generate love-based sharing with participants. Having conversations with one another and practicing coming out of our shell on various parts of our expression is a big part of being a successful sharer. These meetings will be inspiring, engaging, and fun! Participants are strongly encouraged to attend.

Exchange for the creator series is $400-$444 CAD (pay what you can)

If you would like to include a personalized 1:1 energy alignment session that is focused on you, your mission, and your expression as part of this experience, exchange is $511-$555 CAD pay (pay what you can).

Payment plans that are fair to me are accepted.

To register: Contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to reserve your space. Class will be kept to 5 people maximum. If there is enough interest, I will run two of the workshops keeping the above stated dates. If this calls you, get in touch!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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