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Ascension Update: Releasing 3rd and 4th Dimensional Timelines

Hey, friends!

We popped a load of density yesterday and closed a big line of technology that was active in 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Timelines that were being held to earth and earth hearts through those programs began immediately disintegrating and are continuing to do so now. These were the mind control looping tech pieces that were placed to keep your vibration down and your thoughts low. Lightworkers and those who loved them were highly intentional targets. Do not worry. The existence these pieces connected to is severed now. They could only every exist through those lower vibrational patterns. Without that frequency to power them, they are completely harmless. In a few days, they will have been fully dissolved. Stating affirmations about energetic autonomy, raising your vibration, and intentionally calling in your highest vibrational timelines are great ways to step out of that. *Click here for a new video I made sharing how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuene-k5nBs&t=3s*

Those connected to the Holy Grail, Christed Grid openings, and Mission 12 strand plus and other intersecting missions within this frequency band - you may well be feeling this. It is possible to experience the timelines and thought patterns running out. As you feel them whipping through, do not connect to them. Choose your vibratoinal connection, focus on the energies of peace, truth, love, joy, and optimism and understand that anything you are feeling but those resonances is being disbanded. Focusing on peace when you feel war, love when you feel hate, and truth when you see injustice is a great way to anchor that reality in. We experience that which we focus on and it is the same in terms of what we create.

Holding the space of truth and love while this drains out can feel uncomfortable. You may feel racing thoughts and a sensation of energy rushing. You can facilitate this process by intentionally say, "I connect to my highest timeline and release all else in my energy system that is not in my highest truth. AND SO IT IS!!!"

For me, this represents the culmination of many years of work. The energy loop taken out yesterday is something I have been working on in this lifetime since fall 2016 that has taken me all the way from France to BC and back. Joined by multiple friends and teammates over the years including Huong Nguyan, Julie Lambe, and Julie Roberts (who spoke of it just yesterday), this has been a concerted group effort by many hearts and hands. I thank all who have co-created our loving new paths!! I know there were other teams working on this somewhere. I love you.

I will be speaking about this more as space aligns for that. For now, I am out to the grids to co-create our beautiful new experiences. Join me by calling in your highest intentions

for New Earth just like we have practiced in our group meditations at solstice and Lion's Gate (replay available through my youtube page, IndiCrow Energetics and my personal blog).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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