Crow's Nest 8:22 Trusting the Shift and Creating Abundance

Greetings, friends!

In this week's episode of Crow's Nest, Todd and I share a lot about what comes up as we move through planting the seeds of a timeline transition and seeing it through. As I wrote about in this article, dissolving those bands of energy stopping us from holding and keeping that vibration as our primary operating system. It can feel so confusing when we are in these moments. As we share in this broadcast: HOLD ON! I wrote about it in this article and direct you there for more:

A big focus of our conversation in this episode is abundance. As we both share, working through poverty scenarios and having the faith to trust our vision has been recurring themes in our journey. We are in a phase where we are being given the chance to revisit abundance and having enough in a life sense as part of our opportunity to create new pathways. This is part of transition is something MANY of us are connecting to. That financial system that we know does not work is disintegrating and we are creating a better way to live based on mutual respect, fair exchange, and heart based growth.

Please note that Todd has been on another round of Soulogy's "It's a Conversation With" series. You can find them on the Soulogy youtube channel: as well as on FB through Todd Medina, the Soulogy group, or Soulogy One Studios.

More from us next week!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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