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Trusting Through the Process of Your (Our) Ascension


Giddy up, friends! We are definitely in the midst of major energetic changes. Choices have been made, timeline trajectories set, and the process of balancing, releasing, calling in and re-calibrating for them are well underway. This is occurring in the realm of personal as well as planetary timelines. I have been actively participating in both processes and wanted to provide a bit of an update on what is going on for you!


One of the main parts of ascension that we are experiencing right now is dimensional shifting.As we know, raising our vibrational connection from 3 to 4 to 5d and beyond is a key part of ascension. In the past weeks, when I said that many were crossing the bridge, crossing from one vibrational experience to another is what I was referring to. From a lived experience perspective,this means actually transitioning the vibration of your energy body,being, and timeline trajectories from the lower to the higher vibe! As many newly awakened are experiencing, that 3, 4, 5 d hump can feel a bit challenging as we sort out major pockets of our lives. In order to exist at a specific vibration we must be able to reach and maintain it. That means that when we make big vibrational transitions, we sometimes have to clean out the pipes a bit! This does not stop once you reach 5d. Those of us anchoring the higher dimensional frequency bands also must continue to work through these transitions in our own lives and practice.

You may have noticed that the past week or so has seen us move through some highly palpable fluctuations. New (ancient), very pure codes are being pumped in for templating and creation. We have chosen a beautiful trajectory for the next phase of planetary ascension and within this new narrative, so much beautiful truth for our own soul journeys is also coming through. (I will talk about this more on Crow's Nest, today.) For the purpose of what I wanted to share in this posting, this means that right now, a whole lot of people are in the process of making big jumps or are approaching doing so soon. The planet is, too.

So what does this mean? There is some vibrational resonance work we must do.


As noted, dimensional transition requires us to raise the vibration of our energy bodies, lifestyles, and ways of be-ing in this world. That is wide ranging. When we consciously call in the energy of growth and declare our intent to live in 5d plus reality, this means we are also calling in the opportunities to shift all that is obstructing us from vibrating at that frequency forward. Stated in a less flowery way, it means that we are going to move through a series of tests and chances to shift energy out of having practical, face to face connection with or feeling of those patterns until we dissolve our links to them. It is almost like entering into a fast forward chamber where you come into situations where you have two (or more) very distinct choices of action whose vibration represents a certain connection of resonance Sometimes this means dealing with past wounds, recurring patterns like a debt cycle, or making interpersonal relationship changes. It is very often seemingly trivial day to day interactions like how you reply to emails, reiterate boundaries, and relate to the situations in your life.I liken this process to 'shuffling', where things are brought up for revisiting and review as part of our timeline and resonance connection. Each choice you make has the potential to bring in a wave of transition energy which you can then use to adjust your path.

This is all very exciting but it can also feel sometimes weird and overwhelming if we get lost in it all. Sometimes this process can feel liberating and exciting. Other times it can feel weird and confusing.Especially during transition pockets like we are in right now. We have been successful in calling in high vibe lives, those pure personal and planetary ascension codes are coming in, and we are experiencing incredible daily influx pulses. If you are connecting to this sharing and are too recognizing and experiencing intensity, I send you love and I want you to know that you are not alone! This is a big one. Do not give up as the bands move through. Hold your faith, choose love, and know that if that is what you are doing, it is always enough.


Remember, friends. The major bands so many people are experiencing with these pulses is part of this process. In order for us to connect to our higher vibrational realities, we must very purposefully choose our path of love in instance over instance. The more we connect to humour in this process and become observers of ourselves, the more we experience even challenging and weird AF moments as opportunities for growth.

Because this is such a huge topic right now, WE WILL BE TALKING MORE ABOUT THIS ON CROW'S NEST WITH TODD MEDINA TODAY AT 2 adt, 1 est, 11 MST. Live link to the broadcast will be appended to this post once Todd makes it available.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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