Greetings, friends!

We are in the midst of a momentous transition where significant numbers of people are switching consciousness grids. We have also reached a point where ancient lightcodes from a time before Lemuria are being released into and through them. This is a big deal and a testament to the fantastic and love based work being done by an ever growing group of lightworkers, lightbringers, and conscious beings.

As part of our shift, it is so greatly important that we contribute to the efforts of fortifying and strengthening the connections within and between the crystalline grid. The higher vibration that we hold it at, the more pure the vibrational resonance from incoming codes will be. We know that there is a big influx on its way/happening now. It is a great time to contribute to the co-creation process by taking a few minutes today and each day on the weekend to help strengthen the grids by raising the vibrational light quality of it!!


1) Connect to the crystalline core of the Gaia, Terra Nova, New Earth

2) Call in the highest vibration of energy that you are able and allow it to cleanse and align your body. Feel your vibration raising and your body synching with this new, higher vibration

3) Intend to act as an anchor for high vibrational Christed/crystal frequency.

4) Intend that the energy you are anchoring is used for the highest vibration of ascension timeline that is available for New Earth.

5) Allow yourself to open up as a pillar of light and bring this energy down through your crown all the way to the crystalline core and expanding through you into the 5d plus crystalline grid.

6) Feel/imagine/see the energy flowing all around the crystalline grid, connecting every point.

7) Send a dedicated 2 minutes of pulsing to the power sites of the crystalline grids,known and unknown. (You are helping us power up the sacred sites!)

8) Receive one more pulse of love, this time directly to yourself and your own timelines.

9) Release all that does not serve you, including secondary and outdated timelines.

10) Disconnect

And so it is.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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