Ascension Update and Tools

Greetings, friends!

I come to you today with an exceptionally full heart for the purpose of giving an update on our current gateway flux. There are so many pieces are coming together. So many are falling apart. This is a broad sweep of an update, touching on some energetic themes weaving throughout it all.


We are at the crest of a wave of bifurcation that has already opened up. Many are connecting to choice point moments, sometimes which feel very blunt. Brickwall moments may feel like punishments. I invite you to consider them as contemplation points in regards to the trajectory of your life. Bifurcation moments bring us to places like that. One choice has the power to lead us to radically different pathways. One is not necessarily always going to be significantly 'better' than the other, but it does seem that having the option to do something similar or very different comes into play. This could be in terms of lifestyle, location, employment, relationships...or as we often experience, a mixture of many of these factors.

I have made a number of videos explaining the basics of bifurcation and choice points that include tips for how to work through and understand these moments. Here are 3 that are great for right now:

"Separating Worlds: Waves of Bifurcation":

"Choosing Timelines (The Review)":

"Releasing Timelines and Connecting to New Ones":


We have been experiencing slowly increased vibratory pulsing for the last 2 days. In the last 8 hours or so, the incremental increase has heightened. We are raising slowly to an apex point. For some, this process has been uncomfortable. Vibration raising like this helps us to surface up that which is ready to change or grow. Connecting to and moving through choice point situations, calibrating lightbodies, waking up your senses can be stimulating in many ways. Connecting to the sensations you are feeling and being willing to work through them is an important part of your journey to mastery.

One of the best parts of realizing that you are on an ascension path is figuring out how to walk it and then incorporating more fun! I have been LOVING the ways that the influxes allow me to shift. I am in meditation for many hours each day calling these codes into myself (before taking my time for service and the grids). I recommend you make the effort with this, too! Here is a video about calling in light for DNA upgrades that may be of use to those of you wanting to learn more about how to do this:

"Inviting in Waves and Accepting Growth":


Astral work and in ceremony has been heavily focused on creating passages through the dimensions for those waking up. Souls from many experience bases are on the move right now. As we talked about in ceremony on solstice and 8:8, we have much to contribute such as connecting to collective energy and balancing vibration. . I invite you to revisit these 2 videos for more information/a reminder how. Each includes a meditation and energy practice that you can use right now!

"Creating New Earth - Solstice":

Lion's Gate:

Stabilizing activities are welcome and encouraged.


As for me, I have been working on integrating and creating the 'new' codes that are being called in. The process of purification and creation is one that I have been sharing with you all throughout the winter. I have been caretaking sites, connecting crystal points, and calling in the return of ancient knowledge. What we have been crafting in the astrals will soon be visible here. I am excited about that. For me, these days involve very little sleep, much creativity, rushes of information and energy, and many many hours outside. I love this season and am grateful to be able to experience it year after year.

I will be back here updating as I am required!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow




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