Lion's Gate Can Test Our Faith!

Greetings, friends!

I am back after a few days pause in communication that were spent finding (and securing) a home for September and caring for Damien Cattoo who needed some veterinary attention after starting a fight with a dog the other night. As is the case with gateway seasons, it is so common for things to come up in our life that invite us to take new and clearer perspectives. Our faith can be tested, patterns brought up for review and as we move through them they are able to be rewired or discarded.

Case in point. The exact day Damien chose to pick a fight with a dog and hurt his paws is the one where I had to pay a damage deposit on a house. Yes, an actual big girl house with my own office for IndiCrow Energetics that I plan to stay in for a good while. Those of you who have known me for some time know that this is a huge deal for me after so many years on the road. (It also is great for us because it means I can start hosting students as they move through this region!!!!!) At the beginning of the day, it looked like I may have to let go of the house to pay vet bills for Damien. I had money coming in but due to the way paypal distributes it, I was not sure if it would all meet up without a day or two gap. Katie of several years ago would have panicked in this situation, possibly acting in fear of losing both Damien and the house (which we know would have likely made one or both things happen). Instead, I spent several hours calling in my highest timeline alignments, calling for abundance, and ensuring that I was acting from a space of patience and wisdom as I moved forward in this situation. By mid-point of the day, things began shifting into exactly what they would have been (minus cat injury). The vet bill was remarkably less, payments from some of you beautiful students came through, Damien was ok, and all worked out fine. Aside from the twist with the vet incident, by the end of the day, all was as it would have been at its outset.

As the energies of test, re-test, check, and alignment come through they are most certainly able to bring us into our vulnerable spaces. For me, having a safe and happy home as well as a healthy Damien Cattoo are two of the most important things to what I consider a balanced life. A more permanent home base is something that I set out to call in for myself in solstice, and here it is working out! It is no surprise that the energy of transition as the collective continues to clear out that an incident to test my faith in both of those aspects of life came up for me. I have done my healing on these matters and so when it happened, I was able to do my alignments, continue connecting to my highest timeline, and move on fairly quickly.

I share this little story today, so that you too are not surprised if something comes up to test you! This is part of our growth patterns and process. So, if you are moving through life and everything seems to feel clear and then 'woah', the energy in and around a situation shifts really quickly - do not panic. Call in your highest alignments, keep the faith, and use the incident as a way to transition your energy as best you can.

As you master your way through the experience, you will be amazed at how much applying what you have learned over the years helps. Part of what can be difficult for so many moving forward on the ascension path is releasing behaviours, thoughts, and patterns. Going into victim and/or battle mindset, as well as any of the other programmed behaviours we are growing out of totally disempowers us in these situations. Life happens, and as we ascend we can guarantee that things like family transition, abundance checks, and cliff jumping moments are all going to be part of it. Learning how to get into the flow and work with and through them is possible.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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