Crow's Nest, August 1: Planting Seeds for Lion's Gate Growth

Greetings, friends! In this episode of the Crow's Nest (originally aired through Soulogy One w/Todd Medina), we talk about growth. How we call it in, how we know it is happening. and how we work with the incoming energies to shape our own lives. As we know, next week begins our beloved Lion's Gate transition time, which sees many stars and planets coming into alignment with our bodies and sacred sites.

Building on my work the past few years, I will be walking those of you who choose to come on the journey through the season, sharing with you how you may use it to support your ascension and personal growth. Last week in a short FB live, I suggested that we work on releasing through the eclipse. Furthering our process, it is time to focus on what we would like to experience. For access to that video, click here. I highly recommend you check it out if you are searching for more information on gateways, timeline splits and bifurcation in quick notes form:

In order to prepare for ceremony and broadcast next week, I recommend you take some time thinking about the 'seeds' that you would like to plant throughout Lion's Gate season that you would like to nurture into Equinox. This is a chance for you to step into your mastery and to see that with discipline, there is so much you can do and grow in a relatively small amount of time!

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In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow (and Todd Medina)

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