Lion's Gate Activities/Open Community Gatherings

Greetings, friends of IndiCrow Energetics!

It is an exciting time, with eclipse and the moon energy vibing in and Lion's Gate coming up next. So important I wrote a mega blog post about it yesterday and shared it through this page! Coming together and doing the best we can as a community and in our own steads is important. If you want to know more, click here:

I am writing this post to shortlist a few events and course openings coming up that are associated with this season that some of you might like to get involved in. I am testing out Satsangs and being as inclusive I can with exchange and am hosting 'open' events where you can enter free or by donation all summer. Please donate if you can - this is how I keep a roof over my head.

Open/By Donation/Pay if you Can Lion's Gate Satsang: This is an open call that I am hosting for free (or by donation) next weekend on Sunday morning at 10 Halifax time. It will be fun, more informal than our normal work, and focused on sharing. Friends, family, and animals welcome! For more details including timezones/to register, click here:

Pay What You Can: Understanding Your Energy Body: This is a 3 hour energy body session where you learn key strategies to understand, care for, and develop your awakening energy body. For a summary, click here:

To access, click here:

VERY IMPORTANT Gridworker Lion's Gate Community Call: Also happening Sunday, August 5 at 2 pm Halifax local time. Exchange is $10.10-$20.20 pay what you can. have a lot of new information and specific details to share for those ranging from novice to expert. Our last meeting was EXCELLENT and I would like to build on that. For more details including timezone/to register, click here:

INCOMING TRAINING: I am opening up a new package of intermediate-expert gridwork training. It will be released in the next day or two for solo study. Those who may be interested in doing a group option - I would gladly facilitate that. Please contact me directly at for more on that. Click this link for more info:

There is a lot going on! I encourage you to get involved in whatever capacity you feel called. I will most certainly continue sharing detailed information and calls to action through my site. This is an incredibly important series of moments!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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