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UNDERSTANDING YOUR AWAKENING ENERGY BODY: A 3 hour energy workshop focused on connecting to, clearin


Greetings, friends!

Waking up and reconnecting to our energy systems are a key part of our awakening journey. Though we may not always realize it as such, increased sensitivity to factors in our environments like sound, feeling 'sick' when we are in the presence of other people, headaches, and mysterious body pains are all indications that yours is coming back online! Though these moment can feel challenging, learning how to work with our energy bodies through practices like caring for them and hearing them are integral to our ascension path. Building up your auric field, understanding how to identify energy movements in your body, and knowing how your energy body works are essential skills that are in the process of becoming as important as brushing our teeth. Not to mention it helps us feel good!

This offering is adapted from a 3 hour group workshop that I delivered in early May. It was designed for an all ages group ranging from tween to adult and is based on the concept of the 12 chakra/12 ray/12 strand system *though we focus most heavily on earth star to soul star*. In it, I give a detailed overview of the chakras and their evolution, how to care for your awakening energy body, and how to begin identifying what you are feeling through it that is 'yours' and what is a sign that your body is speaking to you about something in your environment. Feeling recognition, clearing and aligning your energy body and auric field are the main shared activities that are offered in compliment to the overview information. Throughout, I also share with you how you can begin moving your energy with your hands, heart, and intent!!!!

For those of you who are wanting to extend your practice, this is a GREAT place to start.


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Katie IndiCrow

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