• Katie IndiCrow

Email List Subscribers - We are On!

Hello to friends on the emailing list!

I turned the email notifications back on this am as you may have noticed. I left it off a little too long last week :P. I wanted to draw your attention to a number of video postings that I had made on energy body connection and clearing throughout the last week. It is an intense time for many and as always, I am dedicated to being here with useful tools for you to use use! If you feel so called, there are about 6 posts that are there to be explored!!

I also wanted to draw your attention to some upcoming training that I am offering. I have summarized it here: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/single-post/2018/07/18/Upcoming-Lions-Gate-Training-Opportunities-with-Katie-IndiCrow (hyperlinking is not working so please copy and paste into your browser).

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