• Katie IndiCrow

Gridwork Skills Pack (intermediate-expert)

Greetings, friends! I am excited to formally announce a new series of gridwork training that I am releasing tomorrow. Focused on timeline clearing and construction, embodiment as a method for blueprinting and lightwork, as well as advanced crystal system knowledge and construction, this package is designed as a 'skills upgrade' for those wanting to deepen their practice. Those who work with me know that I spend much time developing and testing new tools that sit at the cutting edge of energy work. The information that I share in this series is brand new. It extends what we began in gridworker 1. (If you are an experienced gridworker, you would be able to understand the language of expression and depth of practice without doing level 1.) Form: This program comes with 3 weeks of material to practice/study and concludes with a 1:1 session with me. Here, I support you in connecting to your own particular skillset, provide insight on the sites you are working, and answer any questions you have come up with while testing out the skills you are learning! *If there is interest, I will do a group version of this offering. As opposed to the private session, I will host q & a/guidance through 2 group calls where we share and learn from one another as we move through applying these skills. It can be fun to get to know other gridworkers and learn from what is working from them!! This will begin August 6. Please get in touch ASAP if you would like to be part of the group version as positions are limited to 6. I will run it with 2 or more!* Where: Online, through my thinkific platform IndiCrow Academy. When: For the solo study option, you can begin as soon as July 24 (my formal release date for the material). Because this is based on a 'self study' method, you are welcome to begin at any time you would like thereafter. The tentative group offering begins on August 6 with group meetings taking place on zoom. Exchange: $255 USD (approx $350 CAD with exchange fluxuating). If you are trained in my school, passionate about the work and for whatever reason cannot make full exchange - please get in touch. I will do what I can that is in balance to get you the training. Contact katieindicrow@gmail.com to register or for more info! I would love to connect!!! In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

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