• Katie IndiCrow

Major Influxes and Tips to Move Through Them

Greetings, friends!

This is a copy of a facebook live that I did through IndiCrow Energetics addressing the current energy influx after my day of gatekeeping, yesterday. The theme of the day was clearing karmic residue and opening up to ORANGE bands of energy frequency. In it, I address how to connect to this energy and most importantly, what you can do to feel comfortable as these major bands move through.

Though these tips are spoken within the context of our current influx, they are applicable to many. All you learn as you move through this becomes part of your unique tool kit. What works now may well be helpful as you experience other phases of your energy transition. You become your own unique type of master as you move through your journey.

Also, no matter where you are at on your path, please remember: You are not alone!!

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