Crow's Nest, July 18

Greetings, friends!

Following up from last week, Todd Medina and I discuss various aspects of how our day to day experiences are such an important part of the awakening path. In q and a fashion, we talk about moments of growth, how to tell when energy waves are coming in and what to do with them, and the underlying theory of how and why we feel the changes in our bodies as they connect to us.

For access to more of Soulogy One productions, I recommend 'following' or 'friending' brother Todd Medina on FB as well as Soulogy (group) and network pages. Todd puts a lot of effort into sharing high vibe information through his own original sharings and the beautiful shows (like this one) that he produces.

If you are interested in connecting to the training that I mentioned, I have created a summary of what is available this month:


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