Upcoming Lion's Gate Training Opportunities with Katie IndiCrow

Greetings, friends!!

Lion's Gate season is one in which many of us feel inspired to learn, connect with parts of our journeys, and grow! Part of my most recent transitions have created space for me to stabilize here in Halifax for the next few alignments. This means that I can focus much more of my energy on being here, holding space for, and providing training to you! This includes being available for more personal 1:1 sessions, intensive private training. as well as being able to build more of my private study to group study options. I am excited about this!!!

Here is what I have going on this month:

1) I AM: Self Exploration and Energetic Empowerment (Group offering begins August 1, self-study any time)

These beautiful waves of energy are helping us awaken. As the days go on, we become ever more dedicated to understanding our energy bodies, their capabilities, and are sharpening in our desire to connect in joy to our ascension process!!

This is an offering all about about understanding who you are, how your energy body works, and how you are able to call forth the highest possible vibrational reality for you. Auric clearing, energy body balancing, timeline calling, mission connection - we cover all of this and more (see below for weekly content description).

FORM: This offering consists of 4 weeks of material, each focusing on a different facet of ‘I AM’ and a private, 1:1 session with me.

WHERE: Online through IndiCrow Academy on thinkific.

WHEN: The group version of this offering starts on August 1 (this is for those who would like to be able to participate in forum style learning/communication with other registrants). If you prefer to study alone, you can begin now by contacting me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com

EXCHANGE: 266 USD/ $356 CAD with current exchange. I do accept payment plans that are fair to me!


Week 1: Connecting to, clearing, and aligning your energy body: We begin by setting a solid foundation for our I AM expression by working through the components of healthy energy practice. An example: Many of us hear that we have ‘holes’ in the aura, or that we are giving our power away to others. But what does that really mean, and how do we fix that? This week, I share answers to those questions.

Week 2: Intention setting, decision making, and getting into your flow: This week, we speak about how to set intentions that work and how to call in information we may require in order to move forward in our lives/missions/decisions with precision.

Week 3: Aligning to mission/soul’s journey: This week focuses specifically in calling in and working toward different aspects of your mission. How do you hear it? What do you do to make it happen? Building on the first 2 weeks, we explore the notion of trust, steady intention, and clarity as key tools to further our I AM connection and expression.

Week 4: Expressing, living and Being YOU: In our concluding session, we focus on the joy of what it means to be who you are in the here and now. You know when people keep saying ‘just Being’ is enough? Well, my friends, they are right. When we are in the flow of our highest potential, it sure is. This whole ascension thing and serving your mission is meant to be fun. Having the strength and confidence to be who we are, where we are, is a big part of getting connected to that.

FINAL SESSION: Throughout the month of exploration, participants will have been taking note of their own particular patterns, ideas, and questions. To seal off this engagement, each participant will have a 1:1 session with me where these can be addressed!​

To register email: katieindicrow@gmail.com

2) Gridwork 1: Introduction to IndiCrow Method (group offering begins August 6, solo is any time)

The IndiCrow Method of gridworking is one that I have spent many lifetimes creating. It is based on the notion that we are here as stewards of this beautiful planet, ready to use our love and skills to help wake her up, turn on advanced gridsystem capabilities, and to take care of them! Part of my job here is to share it!!! Celebrating Lion's Gate season and getting ready for Equinox, it is in my heart to open up a round of group gridwork training.

WHEN: The course begins August 6, 2018. There are 7 weeks of material and a group call that come as part of the package. Each week we focus on a new topic. ALL LECTURES ARE VIDEO RECORDED AND THERE IS NO FORMAL CLASS MEETING TIME (aside from one group call which is organized near the end). You are able to get to the material as works for you!!!

Participants of this class are also welcomed to join in Gridworking Community Calls for 'free' as part of their training whilst enrolled.

WHERE: Online, through my thinkific site, IndiCrow Academy.

EXCHANGE: $276 USD. Today's exchange brings that to $365 CAD. I happily accept payment plans that are fair to me. Please contact me directly to discuss!!!

Skills you will gain

An understanding of the energy grids of earth - how they were formed, how they have changed over time, and how they are evolving now.

The earth is dynamic and the places we work in are multiple! This method is based on helping you develop a close relationship with the grids and Gaia, where you are able to actually hear what is required in any given scenario through your service.

How to connect with spirit guides, elementals, and nature features like trees and lakes.

How to light up and raise the vibration of grids wherever you go and beyond that, how to clear out stagnant energy and excitingly - BUILD CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS!!

Introduction to timeline clearing and story line adjustment (done from a personal perspective, intermediate training focuses on extending this method into the grids).

Click here for a more full description of week to week lesson plans. If you are not a 'group' study person, you are able to 'study now' at your own pace through this linked interface. I have created a course outline here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gridwork-level-1

To be part of the 'group' offering, contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com

3) Gridwork 2: Timelines, Crystal Construction and Embodiment as Blueprinting

This upgrade package is designed specifically for practicing gridworkes who are ready to sharpen/extend their skillset and knowledge base. Focused on timeline clearing and construction, embodiment as a method for blueprinting and lightwork, as well as advanced crystal system knowledge and construction, this package is designed as a 'skills upgrade' for those wanting to deepen their practice.

Those who train in my methods know that I spend much time developing and testing new tools that sit at the cutting edge of energy work. The information that I share in this series is brand new. It extends what we began in gridworker 1.

Form: This program comes with 3 weeks of material to practice/study and concludes with a 1:1 session with me. Here, I support you in connecting to your own particular skillset, provide insight on the sites you are working, and answer any questions you have come up with while testing out the skills you are learning!

Where: Online, through my thinkific platform IndiCrow Academy.

When: You can begin as soon as July 24 (my formal release date for the material). Because this is based on a 'self study' method, you are welcome to begin at any time you would like thereafter.

Exchange: $255 USD (approx $350 CAD with exchange fluxuating). If you are trained in my school, passionate about the work and for whatever reason cannot make full exchange - please get in touch. I will do what I can that is in balance to get you the training.

TO REGISTER: contact katieindicrow@gmail.com

4) Self-study options at IndiCrow Academy

In addition to what is listed here, I have a number of self-study options that are available for you to connect with now and at your own pace. Visit https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com to browse and access!!

All the group study and self study options take place in my online school, IndiCrow Academy. You can find it here at https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

All study options are take at your own pace and are based around a combination of video lectures, personal practice, and private sessions with me! (Aside from the one off wayshower sessions, which are value priced to make high quality education as accessible as possible.)

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