New Moon and Welcome Fully into Eclipse Gateway

Greetings, friends!

(Originally printed on Thursday, July 12)

We have a new moon and an eclipse happening, today! Many have been feeling the influxes of energy since the weekend. They are most certainly due to accelerate as we move through this precious series of moments.

As I shared about in Crow's Nest last Wednesday, these moments can bring up much within us to be cleared and adjusted. It can feel confusing and difficult when you experience the rapid clearing that these accelerations prompt within us. Our energy bodies wake up and that which was once obstructing their function gets released. As this goes on, we become ever more sensitive to our environments with the continued development of our senses. Even a master like me has room to grow in these moments! This as well as an exercise you can use to stay clear is the focus of the last 30 minutes of our discussion or so:

Part of what these energies are doing is waking up, widening, and creating increased sensitivity to the 12 plus strand dna and advanced energy system opening that is such an important part of ascension. I have shared about this extensively! If you recall my energy picture series from the winter, much of what was being drawn was to support the activation and integration of cells. I will affix the link to the images here - there are write ups and exercises that go along with some of them that you may use to work through your own! If you just work through the last 3 most recent pages of this blog, you will see the full articles that went with these images and all the exercises I created with them. I also offered an AMAZING energy alignment session focused on this spectrum. It is an hour of me working with the 12 rays and connecting in with highlighting their function. The replay is every bit as powerful as the live experience - you can access that here if you feel called:

In addition to DNA spectrum, new moons also bring us the opportunity to bring in things we would like to work on. An eclipse gateway in alignment with that is a double whammy of self development power and potential! As I have been approaching this series, I feel myself asking myself, "What is important to you, right now? What do you want to learn or work through?" The answer on my part is balance. Balance, balance, balance and more balance.

As we continue on through this alignment, self care and being willing to take the time to work on yourself becomes highly important. You have the power to feel good through this process!!!!

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

My blog is jam packed with great energy tools you can use in these moments. Check it out at

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