• Katie IndiCrow

Group Energy Alignment Sessions Today!

Greetings, friends!

A reminder that I am hosting group energy alignment sessions today. They are happening at 12 and 7 pm Halifax local time (some call that ast, some adt and there is sometimes no uniformity with translators, so just type 'Halifax, NS' as your time converter region). The focus of this session is to provide budget friendly, easily accessible energy alignment to celebrate the beginning of eclipse season. It will be recorded and all participants will be able to access the playback within 24 hours of its completion. As you know, an energy alignment play back is powerful to have because you can always go back to the session and get its full benefits again!

The session lasts an hour, and registrants are able to participate in one or both - whatever works for you. I will be using a 12 ray, 12 strand dna, 12 chakra Atlantean based energy inspiration for my sharing in this session.

I would love to have you join! $20.20 USD to participate.


*if the link is not live, just copy and paste into your browser*

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