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The Blog is Back

Greetings, friends of the blog!

For those of you who catch my work here as opposed to FB - I am sorry for the extended delay. As some of you may have noticed, I have taken a month plus off of putting materials up here. I helped to trigger a cosmic reset during my birthday gateway that sent my life in a complete new direction. I moved across the country to Nova Scotia instead of Vancouver, my relationship with my partner broke down because he could not face his own healing, and I went into a very intense (and important) cycle of karmic clearing and energy upgrading (again) :P.

To deal with it all, I took time off. To be best and most authentic to me (and a great sharer for all of you), it felt very important that I honoured my process and took my time with my own personal transition. I was posting through my FB profile on bare bones. If you are ever wondering where I have gone, you can most often still find updates there on IndiCrow Energetics.

Now that I am grounded in Nova Scotia, my energy has settled and I am back to full steam ahead in service and sharing. I am about to begin updating this blog (will be turning off email notifications to you all for a day or two so I do not spam you as I do it).


Since we last spoke, I have landed a weekly show on Soulogy One with Todd Medina called Crow's Nest. We air each Wednesday on Soulogy at 11 MST/2 pm AST. I am in the process of uploading back videos onto my youtube channel. I will circulate them through here as well.

I have started up an IndiCrow Events email list whose purpose is to send out group emails when a new community and/or learning opportunity that I am offering comes about. I do not like 'old school' advertising and figured that creating this list will help me get the information about what is going on to those who wish to receive it! Joining the list entails receiving 2-3 emails per month maximum - I promise no spam. Click here to sign up!!! http://eepurl.com/dApmQr

Eclipse Season is upon us. Energies are coming in and going out, we are adjusting our light bodies and physical environments at an amazing rate. These are the moments that energy alignments and taking care of your energy body really create space for great change. One of the things that I often hear in conversation with people reaching out for help is that they cannot afford a typical energy alignment session. Listening to them, I created a budget friendly community energy alignment session that I am offering on Wednesday, July 11 at 12 and 7 pm AST. Attendance is 20 USD and registrants may participate in one or both sessions. To register, click here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/eclipse-season-group-energy-alignment

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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