Crow's Nest: Magdalene, Christ, and Mission Ascension

Greetings, friends!

In this week's installment of Crow's Nest, I begin telling a story that I have waited a long time to tell. The story of Christ, Magdalene, the children, and how it all connects into Mission Ascension. This video covers the idea of the christed bloodline within the context of ascension. As noted, Mary and Jesus, their connection, and the beautiful children and ideas that came from it were a very specific attempt to support the creation of free humanity. These children and this bloodline have trickled through many cultures, with our lineage and stories being shared through diffusion, immigration, and co-creation. A big part of what so many of us are working to achieve right now is the full activation of 12 strand plus dna capabilities - that special capacity that resided within this line. We have reached a stage in our collective journey where this is actually happening!

For those who are familiar with my work, this is something I have been sharing about for some time in pieces. This past year, in particular, we have focused heavily on the soul group connected to the Magdalene line. Part of the healing for all of us is the telling of this story. It is my humble intention that it might spark something in any who could benefit.

Crow's Nest is my weekly show on Soulogy One Network. I typically co-host it with Todd Medina who is the heart behind the Soulogy Network. We broadcast each week on Wednesday at 11 am MST/2AST. At this time, we are live linking through facebook (IndiCrow Energetics, Katie Indicrow, and Todd Medina - the new platform is just about ready). All replays are available immediately after the broadcast. If you have not yet checked out Soulogy, I highly recommend you do. Todd has been interviewing just about everybody including Judith Kusel, Shekinah Rose, Sandra Walter, me (haha), and more. He has a huge heart and there is some quality information being pumped through all the time!

You may find other installments of the Crow's Nest trickling in through this blog, Soulogy Archives, and also in their own folder on my youtube page. I am backtracking from my great life switch and they will be more accessible in the coming days.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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