MAY: THE MONTH THAT KEEPS ON GIVING UP NEXT - Grid Calibration, Lightworker Mission Adjustments, and

Born May 21, I have long loved the electric feeling that this stretch of days brings. Growing up there were always thunder and lightning storms. Now that I remember being a gridworker, I get to love it for a whole different reason. This span of days is an incredibly powerful gateway alignment. YAYYYY!! It is a time for us to once again prepare ourselves to launch into another trajectory (this time Solstice/Lion's Gate) and to begin acting on what we have been called in to do.

From a personal/mission perspective, many of you who put time and effort into calling forth new timeline and trajectory points ever since last year are seeing things birthed in a whole new way. As we entered into May, many (myself included) have been given new roles and tasks to take care of as well as new and powerful ways to recognize who we are and why we came here. These are big moments of change and growth. Trust what you have created and know that you are ready for what you have brought in. Live it, love it, and allow yourself to continue to glow.

On an exciting note, May marks the entry point into intentional service for many newly awakenening lightworkers whose hearts were stirred over the winter months. If you are one of these people - Welcome into service! It is a joy to have your cooperation in taking care of planet earth <3. (If you are still working to figure out what you are doing and how to call alignments like I have been noting in this and other posts, I invite you to join my class I AM which begins at the end of this month. It is designed precisely for moments like this.)

In terms of my mission, one of my jobs is to calibrate code and coordinate energy alignments and distribution along the grids. You will notice that I go on the road around and through string series of dates. Over the next week, I am fortunate to be able to travel to many of the sacred and power sites that are here in Alberta. Some that I have been to many times, others that it will be my first visit! I will do my best to stay in touch as I move throughout the various locations. There is a lot of hiking, driving, sweating, and sometimes very little cell phone reception. As I am doing this, I will be setting codes and alignments/checking on crystal tech and various sites to calibrate and align them for what comes next: my favourite lightworking time of the year, solstice through Lion's Gate!!! In a sense, it feels like that whole season begins tomorrow.

As we progress through the next week, it is important to remember that we reap what we sew. As I shared in my piece 'There is a Miracle in Every Moment', the days and weeks leading into 'power' moments are ones where we are given the chance to adjust and grow. Each moment is pregnant with possibility. You do not have to wait out huge cycles to make transition. I encourage you to take the time to really listen to yourself and your heart and hear an embrace the ways you are being called to serve and live. The more we put into this consistently and in flow, the better trajectories we are able to call in for all. Now is the time. Not tomorrow. Now. Actually, tomorrow and now :P.

One of the other main thing that is being called of me on my mission is to make sure that I am open and ready to support those of you who are ready to move by providing training. Those wanting to be full steam ahead for the summer are advised to be in touch now. I am hosting as astrals session on Wednesday which is highly recommended for those of you who are looking to broaden your dream state, galactic, and other dimensional scope. People newer to the path seeking information about how to find mission and timelines etc. are invited to check out 'I AM' which I offer in group form but also privately. Session wise, I am still taking clients with space for 1 or 2 this week and more next. I am here if you need me. *Please note that I am postponing the gridworker session until next week, May 26 at 11 am - I will make a separate announcement about that.* Each of these events is detailed on this IndiCrow Energetics page and through here: If your browser tries to add www you will need to cut that out for access - secure connection is only as the link is listed above.

More from me soon! You can bet there will be shout outs and invitations to participate all along. (Except for Monday, May 21 - it is my birthday and I am taking the day 'off')!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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