Introducing the New Earth Council and Sharing the story of Council for New Earth


Sharing the story of Council for New Earth

Greetings, friends!

Many of you have heard recent proclamations that the Councils and organizational structure that were in place organizing lightworkers and shaving earth trajectory are being dissolved. This is being done as a new and growing form of collective consciousness is coming into the forefront of expression, having been birthed and gaining vibrational strength since the bifurcation of earth. A shuffling is indeed occurring, where the foundational vibration of decision making is being changed. I am selected as a spokesperson today to introduce you to the New Earth Council.

Who are They?

Struck many lifetimes ago, the Council for New Earth as we called it those days was originally comprised of beings from all star nations present on earth and acting in alignment with moving toward interplanetary peace, freedom and truth. As many of you know, Earth/Gaia is a conflation ground for our universe (and beyond). What we achieve here is important because as we live and work through it, we build blue-prints and pathways for others to create through. We believed that if we were able to create and live in heaven on earth (that fifth dimensional plus vibrational reality many speak about), that we would then make it so for those choosing in other star bases and planets connected to and through this ‘new’ planet we call Terra Nova, or New Earth.

At the time that the Council was struck, there was tight control in the Galactic Federation of Light and other Councils advising life on earth. Decision making was abstracted from those who lived here and was being done so based on the perspective that humans and lightworkers living on this planet had lost their spark and were being controlled by subversive forces. A patronage style relationship developed, with a promise that those living on earth would once again be given a higher degree of autonomy and freedom when they were able to lift the veil.

You have heard of the word ‘wayshower’ as a group of people who are able to create a path to a certain form of experience through having it themselves. Many who made up the Council in early days felt that it would be possible to foster balance and peace by taking on various experiences within ourselves. As within, so without. We were scientists and creators and plant growers and lovers coming from far flung reaches of the galaxy. We believed in the power of love and each other. We decided that we would take this chance. We put in a petition to the Galactic Federation of Light and began about our work. it is important to note that there were and are members of this collective belonging to what have been known as ‘alter’ groups who worked from within their lineage to create balance and foster peace from the inside out.

The Council for New Earth remained as such – a Council ‘for’ a very long time. Many beings thought we were crazy and so too did we, on occasion. Part of our journey was to take on difficult and sometimes conflicting aspects into ourselves through which we would integrate and move back to love. This took much longer than we initially thought. The planet was vibrationally dropping for many cycles and members did what they could to hold on. Leaving earth was not an option and so we continued in love. The moment that the wave of light accompanying the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy of 2012 swept through, our alignments began to change. Many of us on earth, including our writer (Katie) woke up and began the task of remembering. We choose her as our messenger for her integral role in founding this council and her willingness to espouse the values of love, peace, and truth in this and all her lives. Part of her journey will be to continue sharing about this with you. She began this work long ago (as have some other colleagues) by offering education on various aspects of ascension and empowerment that are influenced by this model.

What does the Council do?

In the past six years since December 21, 2012, life on Earth has changed significantly. The Equinox and the days following saw a smooth ripple of awakening energy flowing through hearts and souls on Earth. Many who are stepping forward to share their wisdom with you now had their veil penetrated by the light and continued with the process of anchoring peace and love with strengthened intent. In these years, we have seen the end of the Piscean age and the entry into the golden arches of Aquarius. Rainbow and crystal children are being born. Mass awakenings are happening. Since September 9, 2016, we have stepped into the trajectory point for the transition that is happening now: The gradual transfer of responsibility for Terra Nova in the hands and hearts of those who have lived, loved, and created with her faithfully. With each initiation and pathway made forward by us, we extended proof that this model, truth through integration, balance, peace and love DOES work. Over this and many lifetimes we have called for our autonomy, we called in this vibrational reality, and we have finally been heard! Terra Nova is in the hearts and hands of all of us who co-create as part of the New Earth Council (modeled after that which was designed by our beloved Council for New Earth).

Terra Nova/New Earth is a dimensional reality and a course of experience that is shaped by all those who are connected to it through experience. Decisions are not made ‘for’ people and then trickled down. They are made by all who are part of the system, through the connection of collective consciousness and in the process of living their lives. In this sense, the reality that we experience is being co-created by all of us in each moment. The New Earth Council is now responsible for grooming and co-creating timeline trajectories for those on this reality spectrum and building the structures (within and without) that represent what we come to experience as life on New Earth. We will share more about this as we progress. We have much to create and at this point, formation of collective consciousness, balancing and harmonizing energy, and stabilizing the gridsystem are main focale points.

It is important to note that though there are roles like Advisory positions in the Council they are not hierarchical in the sense that they are rooted in domination and subordination. Rather, they are based on mutual respect and collective election based on who is viewed as having the qualities most aligned with the requirements of what is being done at a given time. For all occupying ‘working’ positions, teaching and sharing the skills that they are celebrated for is part of ‘doing the job’, no matter what it is. In this sense, we are all teachers and learners, continuously expanding and growing our skills through understanding, experience, and trust.

An Invitation of Co-creation

A main reason for sharing about the Council, today, is to let all who are interested know that is in existence and to invite those wishing to co-create more intentionally to do so with us! We hold Council meetings on a regular basis. If you can imagine a meeting in the astrals where we go over things that have come up and planning, this is how it is. All who wish to attend these New Earth council meetings are welcomed at any time. The only requirement for entry is that you exist at 5th dimensional band frequency (or higher) and that you are living on (or highly connected to) Terra Nova, New Earth. Building on that, calls to participate in co-creation are regularly issued to you in this dimension by acting representatives like Katie IndiCrow. Examples of recent co-creative teamwork opportunities are her requests for anchoring intentions to New Earth, bifurcation ceremonies, balancing energies, and support for those crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Expert level participation is not expected and all who wish to participate will be given many opportunities to learn as they grow.

It is entirely possible (and in fact, expected) that the structure and function of this Council and how it operates will change as more and more beings on earth embody the fifth dimensional frequency spectrum and start chiming in. There are many skilled and creative beings amongst our population who are being born, remembering who they are, and whose knowledge will flourish in this co-creative atmosphere. We most certainly are in the act of becoming and we lovingly welcome your input and contributions. To be inclusive, we must include many. Your opinion and experiences count.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Acting Representative, New Earth Council (Council of New Earth)

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