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A Miracle in Every Moment

Greetings, friends!

As many of you can see and feel, all of the dredging, purging, seed planting, and energy aligning that we have been doing since two weeks before Equinox has served its purpose. Influxes of energy present since May 1 ish have brought in tremendous potential for personal and planetary growth.

We have worked on this together over various alignment dates and gateways, as well as in beautiful moments of co-creation inspired by what was ready to be shifted in the collective. (In case you are wondering, If you have been participating and co-creating along with the themes and exercises I have been suggesting through this page, you have been part of that!!!)

Many of you have come to know my work because of my focus on alignments and gateways. Heck, I even wrote my handbook "Connecting In" to suppport that. My approach to this has been simple. Connect people to the information and knowledge that they require to participate in personal and planetary lightworking events that are relevant to upkeep and ascension. For me, the next steps in helping ground the reality of new earth in the here and now is to share this simple truth:

There is a miracle in every moment.

Without a doubt, there are certain moments of alignments like solstice, equinox, and Lion's Gate that have great potential to catalyze shift on a personal and planetary scale (and we will be working on that later this year through here). What a lot of these alignment moments do is 'snap in' choices and decisions that have been made within its lead up. The waves and pulses support bringing things into alignment. In this case, what you do on a day to day basis leading into these moments are just as important as those waves (and in fact, affect how they play out)! Furthering that notion, it is important to remember that it does not have to be a specific alignment date for great shift to be achieved. Rather, connecting into the potential of each moment we see that much more is possible on a rainy Tuesday afternoon when you are in the right place at the right time than we ever could have thought. If you see a chance to make a shift, take it! If you are part of a team, share it with your people. Make the most of the now as we are in it! !

As I shared in our Beltane video and postings - it is an excellent time to call in the alignments of all that you have worked to manifest in the past season, but most specifically eight weeks. I am in the process of following my own advice and doing just that! My role in ascension is changing and I am being asked to step up and out in a new and different way. It is important that I receive this transition with grace and patience. I take my service to this planet seriously and it is important to me that I am in understanding and flow before moving on. I will return to more frequent posting in a day or two. For now, I invite you to check out the last 10 minutes of the May 1 video if you would like tips on how to call your new alignments in!

I leave you with tidings of love, peace, and joy. We have shifted into a much more soft, gentle, and compassionate way of making transition. You can count on me to be sharing from that perspective. I often make posts about opportunities that come up for collective action through this page - you are invited to join in whenever you feel called

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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