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May: Transition, Veil Thinning, and Calling it In!

The last few weeks of April leading into the first week of May have seen the vibrational spectrum of our earth raise significantly, once again. As I have been sharing in the past months, we are the ones that create new earth (a vibrational reality) through our thoughts, actions, and lives. I speak about the truth movement, how it connects to what is occurring in lightwork, and how it relates to bringing light, balance, and harmony back into alignment as our main running order. Throughout this process, the duality of 3d nature has become increasingly apparent, and many out there are becoming astutely aware of the flexibility of experience. We are seeing ever larger chunks of the world around us being 'reviewed' and having perceptions changed. It is a lot, and it is growth.

This video is a recording of a FB live made on May 1, 2018. In it I share lightworking stories connected to how this is all going on to illustrate the beauty of what we are experiencing right now. Woven throughout are practical tips on how to understand vibrational change and the veil thinning process. This also includes suggestions on what you can do to support high vibrational awareness. The second half of the video focuses very specifically on calling in your new reality! You've done all this clearing, you are ready to change - here are some methods you may like to incorporate in your now.

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