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Feeling Like Shi(f)t on the Path (Sickness and Spiritual Journeys)

Many of us who are on an ascension pathway have, at one time or another, found ourselves experiencing sometimes prolonged bouts of physical or emotional discomfort. As the story often goes, everything is going great and then bam! IBS, migraines, depressive episodes, broken feet etc. seem to pop up. For many of us, these moments are related to deep emotional cleansing. Sometimes sickness spurs our journey. Other times it comes about as we move through it. Part of our self care process is figuring out what they are related to and bringing balance to that area.

A common narrative that many of us move through is the idea of referring to these energy shifting moments as ‘sickness’. We move through a bunch of solar flares and/or personal healing and then all of a sudden out throats hurt and we are coughing. From the ‘sick’ perspective, many people choose to medicate, to take on an ‘ill’ energy and identity (think about how much energy you put into calling yourself ‘sick’ when you feel that way), and to sleep a lot. I see a lot of people get ‘stuck’ in this spot, going from ailment to ailment on their spiritual path but not recognizing the connection between their body moving through energy they are asking it to and the way they feel. It is my intention to help those of you working through these moments to connect the dots on how sickness, energy cleansing and self-work all come together as we shift.

Why do we get sick on the spiritual path?

I am going to start this paragraph by saying that I am not a western medical doctor and I do not have the knowledge base to make statements about illness in general. What I do know well, however, is how stagnant and dense energy can contribute to feeling various types of ailments. This is something many of us accept. What I want to share this piece for is to say that so too can its removal. Yes, it is true. As we move through various forms of our energy transition we can feel like shi(f)t. Why? Because that is pretty much what we are moving out.

I spent a lot of my life early life being ‘sick’, with everything from cancer to dislocating kneecaps, IBS, to depression, to an injured back, to migraines. Many of them happening all at once. Connecting to, working with, and clearing these various ‘ailments’ has been a big part of my personal empowerment. The way I felt all those years inspired me to learn about what I share and do now: chakra clearing, energy alignment, transfiguration, yoga, psychic skills development, and doing reiki training are all parts of my path that I connected to through parts of being ‘sick’. I was called there because of the stories within myself that I had to shift.

As I moved through the process, I realized that what I had been calling and treating as chronic illness for many years was deeply rooted to my own transition. Gliding into that awareness was a huge key to my own personal freedom. Giving myself the love that I needed and doing the work to figure out what that was empowered me to heal myself and it allows me to view moments like my current stuffy nose as a good one that indicates what I am moving out!

How Do We Know If It’s Energy Related?

You are open to the idea of exploring what you are feeling as being energy related. How do you go about figuring this out? Discernment is key. Tracing the connection of energy to feeling allows you to find the source of the matter. Here are some factors you may use to identify these connections in your life:

  • You have recently begun on an ascension or spiritual path: You have been working on an ascension or spiritual path and have come into some lower vibrational energy that you need to shift. This could be related to experiences in this or other lives like humiliation, pain, abandonment, and other kinds of hurt. When you get to this point, dissolving the energy ties can relate in the dispersion of energy. Passing this energy can manifest in all types of symptoms like nausea, gut pain, IBS, or constipation. It can also be finding yourself having emotional experiences like returning to energies of abandonment, victimization or some of other form of pattern that has been hurtful in your life. In each case, your newly opening chakras and your alignment of being are taking you into contact with energy shifting (so good) opportunities to release and grow. If we do not see it as such, we can get stuck in ‘sickness’ mode.

  • You have been practicing new forms of energy movement like yoga, tapping, or chi-gong: One of the beautiful parts of these types of movement is that they help us get to stagnant and otherwise unmoving energy pockets. Ever do a yoga pose and then all of a sudden start crying? That is a great example of what I mean here. Releasing often times connects to experiencing. For big pockets, this can take up to a couple of weeks. In these instances, remembering to connect to the experience of high vibrational and 5dplus energies through/after clearing is a great way to fill in those freshly cleansed spaces with something new.

  • You have had a session with an energy worker: When we go in for an energy alignment or to do soul work, the practitioner helps to connect us to deep and sometimes hidden factors of ourselves. I frequently do soul retrievals, timeline adjustments, and block removals that have the potential to bring about huge waves of transition. When something of this magnitude shifts within us, we often times go through series of energy clearings like those described above. Do not panic! Maintaining a positive daily practice, following their advice, and allowing yourself to release that which you called up is the best way to masterfully move through. (You CAN do it!)

  • Environmental factors like solar flares and grid flux: Simply stated, solar flare and CME activity can have a huge impact on us. It is because they have a lot of power to ‘wave’ cleansing solar energy through us. This is especially the case if we are working with them and calling it in. If you are experiencing sudden bouts of drowsiness, experiences that you would code ‘fever’ related like aches and pains, and big bursts of ‘excretion’ like diarrhea and vomiting – it may be connected to a flare or another ascension related wave. Checking sites like mine, solar flare index, Heart Math website and Space News are great ways to see if your experience correlates with something environment related.

Empowerment Practices

A big part of empowering yourself is being open to new ideas that bring you toward the information and practices that you can use in your own day to day life. If we are committed to doing the same old thing all the time, we will likely eventually stagnate in our practice. Shaking things up allows us to experience different results. It is also part of the process of shifting behaviours.

Learning energy body basics is also key. Listening to and caring for your emotional, energetic, and physical bodies is supportive to overall awakened well being. Our bodies are beautiful and complex ‘suits’ that reflect to us so much about our inner state of being. That pain in your stomach? It may be your solar plexus asking for you to support the clearing. That fluttering in your chest that makes you feel warm and cozy? It may be the stirrings of your heart chakra as it opens up and its healing begins to seed. Beginning to learn about energy flow, chakras, and emotions is a great place to begin. (If you are interested in learning about this, see my new offering Energy Body Basics: Chakra happening next weekend: https://www.facebook.com/events/238006053430160/).

When moving through what you are feeling, I encourage you to remain in a positive heartspace. There is a bit of an energy loop that can occur with ‘symptom’ talking where more focus gets placed on expressing pain and discomfort than on empowerment and what this all means. While recognition and expression are most certainly important to transition, so too is taking on an observer perspective and figuring out what this all means and/or turning discussion on how to move through. If you focus on feeling ‘sick’ or being burdened and ‘pounded’ by waves, that will pretty much be your experience. It is how you are telling your body you are paying attention to the influxes and thus, it will speak to you this way to let you know what is going on. Yes, most certainly some of this is clearing – but just so you know – it does not always have to hurt. If the only way that your soul and body can speak to you is through pain, or if through focus you have told it this is how you would like to listen, this is how you will be alerted. We choose what we experience.

My final piece of advice is to remember to be kind to yourself. Awakening and clearing your energy body is intensive process that tests you on all parts of your being. Part of our growth and spiritual maturation is finding ways to build out of and work through these experiences. The more you learn about how to work with this energy, the more healthy outlets there are for it to go. You can learn to pass through these moments with grace, courage, and strength. You would not be here right now if it was not so.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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