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Growth Pains and Awakenings in Youth

I have had many heartfelt conversations these past few weeks with parents who are reporting that their children are experiencing inexplicable pains and ‘problems’. They are worried that there is something wrong and they want HELP! In the cases that I have seen, much of what these young people are feeling is ‘growing pains’ in their energy bodies. What is this like for them?While experiences widely vary, some common ones are: Feelings of prickling, having headaches, stomach pains, increased sensitivity to sound and light, difficulty sleeping, pains in ‘chakra’ based areas or organs (think traditional Chinese medicine body mapping) and a strong preference to stay at home. If you are energy sensitive or aware yourself, you likely remember (or still do) feel this way from time to time. Many of us on these energy journeys were drawn here by our own dis-ease (myself included). Something was going on with our sensory abilities and/or emotionally and these beautiful bodies of ours were letting us know.

Some of the parents in my life feel hopeless right now. Maybe you do too. It is hard to watch your children feel pain for no immediate reason that a physician or specialist can diagnose and fix. I wanted to take the time to send a message of love and encouragement. I also want to remind you that there is SO MUCH that you can do that is ‘non traditional’ that may help. Remember that energy journey of yours I just referred to? You got some skills through that. Perhaps it is time to recognize that what you used to clear and align yourself as having the potential to help your beloveds, too.

How do you begin doing that?

The first and most important step is to seriously entertain that your child is energy aware and/or has extrasensory abilities that are opening up. There are various waves of souls entering the world. When most of us who are parent and older age came in, our senses were heavily dulled. We had to do things to wake them up. The children being born post 2005 come in with ever less veiling or separation from these parts of themselves. This will continue to be the case, with some incoming souls now requiring advanced preparation before they even fully connect to the body in the womb! If you have one of these children, you will have likely noticed their perceptiveness and intuitive nature early on. They may have began speaking with you before they were even born!

In February/March 2018, I received astral notification that a wave of energy aware children were about to connect to their light bodies. I had a vision of young people aged around 12–14 were going to ‘snap’ in. At this time, the true depth of their senses would begin making themselves apparent. This pattern confirmed itself to me in the following months, in session and life, as I met many young people aged 9–16 who are suddenly feeling much more than they did before. Two of the main reasons that I see ‘inexplicable’ pain and emotions coming to fruition at this point are that: A) They are having their energy bodies activated and awakened and/or B) They are picking up vibrational patterns that are not theirs and taking them on as their own.

Energy Body Awareness and Accountability

Energy body awareness and accountability is a value that many of us have had to learn the hard way. If we do not take care of ourselves, we crash and burn. No matter which ‘wave’ your child comes from, if they are experiencing discomforts and dis-ease because of their level of perception, beginning to teach them how to work with and manage their energy body is pretty much the best thing you can do for the long game.

Energy body awakening/transition: We are going through a major time of transition on planet earth. These solar flares can be intense. They are stimulating energy body awakening/activation in people of all ages, including your kids. This process can be accompanied by many feelings like prickles, itchiness, lightning bolts, spikiness, and having a hard time getting to and staying asleep.

— Suggestions: Introduce an energy practice that is geared toward soothing what they feel and building dynamic understanding of why it is like that. It can be confusing and scary to feel this stuff rippling through us. Understanding why things feel like they do can help keep them (and you) calm. Joining together in practices like calling in soft light from source, Christ, and Archangels like Uriel and Raphaele is fun and safe. Connecting into this practice together is also a great way to feel empowered, soothed, and strong. This also gives the chance for them (and you) to learn about pleasant parts of being energy sensitive. It is fun to feel high vibe energy at work! Not to mention that connecting the dots between empowerment, practice, and feeling good which eventually comes from this is an incredible moment of growth.

Carrying other people’s emotions: Another major reason that seemingly inexplicable pain pops up is the overloading and hyperstimulation that can occur when one is empathic and/or their energy field is unprotected. This most often takes place after being in non-home-based or safe space environments. Indications that this is the case may be that your child is having a hard time leaving the house, is coming home from activities like school or playing with friends carrying body or emotional pain, takes on the characteristics and/or vibration of the people they spend time with very quickly.

— Suggestions: Keeping a clear and strong auric field is key to happy and healthy function for all energy aware people, generally and empaths, particularly. Creating a daily practice is a relatively easy way to do that. Take the time to sweep around their energy fields to release any cords or connections and to seal up any leaks. To introduce them to the concept of aura, why not draw self portraits? After you are done, translate the practice to the field. Envision it as strong and safe — something like an auric field bubble.

When in there, call in the high vibrational light of pure love. Let it fill the field, bringing in soft and healthy energy within which they can glow! Building on that, setting intentions together can be a valuable way for them to set their energetic space. Sealing off an auric practice with the phrases “I feel only my own feelings, today” is a great way to do this. Giving them crystals like shungite or tourmaline to wear in heavy environments can be a great help.

Giving things a chance to work

It is very important to remain calm as you move through these potentially scary moments of change and growth. Part of this family journey is for you to find your way through all of this together. If your children do not feel immediate relief when you begin these or other practices, do not give up! It can take a few days or weeks for things to begin to shift (though it often moves pretty quickly when everyone is involved). It may seem like a struggle to get all of this into alignment at first. I encourage you to take heart. Once you normalize the practices that work for you into your routines, it will feel natural and fun.

Remember: You chose each other for a reason. You are here right now for a reason. Trust that and know that together, you can figure this out!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For more tips on home practice with energy aware you, please see this recent video. Speed to the second half for more ‘home’ tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoY0MEH1qsI&t=1065s

I am also co-creator part of a newly birthed open access information community called Emerging Light. Find us on FB for access to skills sets and videos we have released to date. We are just getting started and warmly welcome you: https://www.facebook.com/Emerging-Light-324691774697998/


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