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Preparing for Solar Influx

Greetings, friends!

We are moving into another wonderful week of energy transition. As is becoming the 'new norm', we are on the crux of moving into another chance to grow.

I begin each week by connecting to myself and my oversoul to ask about what types of emotional, nutritional, and recreational support I will flow best with. The tone that this week began with was a very loud request for 'FULL BODY DETOX' and early indications of major shift on the horizon. Initially having shared this post a week ago, the theme continues on!

Back in January, I wrote several articles about a 'purge' that many of us were moving through. Catalyzed by timeline transitions, celestial alignments, and high frequency influxes, this purge felt like a rapid cleanse which created room for further growth. What is vibrating its way through the collective this week ushers in another variation of this process. Based on how I am being guided to prepare for it, what we are about to (or are starting to) experience has the potential to be felt to a much higher degree. NEVER before has my body asked me to do a full detox to the degree that it requests in this moment. I share about the topic now, because many other people are likely receiving similar messages (albeit they may have different requirements). If we listen to our bodies, we are more likely to be able to slingshot our way through these solar moments and get the most healing and creating out of them we can.

As I write this short update, I am aware that many people are likely beginning to experience the fluctuations. The types of energy alignments that were made on this planet last week were monumental. They open the gateways for the types of self and societal healing that are integral to the next steps of personal and planetary ascension. As they come in, these flares and waves dig deep. They wake us up, they cleanse our cells, and they give us the chance to grow. If we fight this process, we can fall easily into the sickness paradigm. I, for example, have a stuffy nose and a cough right now. (That also very rarely happens.) Am I sick? No. In fact, I feel great. These waves are bringing in a lot of inspiration for me and I am enjoying what my body requiring a little more quiet is giving space for in my soul.

For those looking for tips on how to work through this:

Foods I feel like eating this week:

Kimchi avacado kale ginger garlic mushrooms miso (preferably soy free) bananas coconut milk brussel sprouts beets

I am also doing a plant based liver cleanse

*note that this food list is based on my own personal needs at this time. Yours are likely to vary. Eat what makes you feel good and nourished*

Practices we can use to to stay grounded:

-Extra yoga (I even started a new training package a few weeks back - super grounding but I also find that I need days off when working certain pockets of energy) -working with crystals and creating a crystal home environment -listening to your body when it speaks to you -extra time outside spent playing, walking, or meditating with a tree -Extra sleep, but not freaking out when we cannot sleep (allowing that middle of the night wake up to be a time to read, learn, meditate, or grow can take the stress off of that) -using essential oils and plant essences.

These are a small list of the ways that you can adjust, move and grow. I encourage you to experiment as you go, adjusting your lifestyle practices as called by the flow.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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