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Having the Strength and Courage to Take Leaps

Hi, all!

Many people who are in the process of bringing their lives into alignment are faced with moments when they must make big changes. The choice to retire from life as a social anthropologist in formal academia was one of mine. In sharing a piece of this story, I hope to inspire you to have the courage and strength to follow your heart when these moments come up!

I made this video a year ago, today. It was taken right after I dropped off the last of my paperwork and books to the university I was working and studying at. I had retired from my life as a formal academic in order to pursue this path and to be here for you and all of us FULL TIME. Getting to this point was a gradual process that really started on December 21, 2012 - the moment that we snapped into this ascension timeline. Prior to this point, I had dedicated myself full force to social anthropology and using my skills to focus on community based, community oriented development. I loved what I did and found the same type of inspiration and joy in it that I do sharing this way now. Once the Mayan prophecy was fulfilled, I found myself ever so gradually turning to a realization that yes, I was meant to serve a role like that but that it was on the spiritual path.

Fast forward five years. After walking between two worlds, I realized that I could not keep it up any more. At the time that I finally made the choice to leave, I was 3 chapters into a completed dissertation on a phd project, teaching classes, and engaged as a researcher in 3 major projects. The disengagement process began on December 21, 2016. Project after project, I began releasing the responsibilities that had been part of my life. By March, 2017 I had gone on the road in service for Equinox, signalling to creator that I was ready to dedicate my life fully to what I am doing now. Previous to this point, I was writing and sharing with you in this format, but wrapping around all of those other tasks. It became clear to me that what was about to happen in ascension would require my full attention. I decided to give it. A choice that I am so grateful to have made.

As noted, on the day that I made this video I had just dropped off my very last papers and books. The five year journey of getting to this joyous point was filled with initiations and self doubt. I wondered how I would make money, how I could have a good life, and about walking out on something I had worked so hard on. The year since this moment has been a course in miracles. I have never worked so hard, never given so much, but I have also never received so much love, support, and abundance. Being myself and

following the path of my soul has allowed me to be part of a life that feel right.

I share this video today for several reasons. First, to thank all of you in this community who have received and supported me. All the shares, donations, sessions, conversations, and referrals have allowed me to pay my bills (which had previously been my number one fear). Second, to let those of you feeling these transition feelings to know that great leaps are possible when you put yourself in alignment with what is the true calling of your soul. Third, because I am so grateful for this moment in my life and I am happy to celebrate it once again. https://www.facebook.com/katie.indicrow/videos/288076498310973/UzpfSTEwMDAxMzI1ODc1NTE1MDo0NDAzNzY5MjY0MTQyNjI/

Following your heart is what you came here for, beautiful friends. I encourage you to have the strength, courage, and faith to do just that

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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