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Releasing Technology of Control and Embracing Love

Greetings, friends!

This is an update that chronicles a significant move that was made in relation to the sovereignty and freedom of beings here on earth, yesterday afternoon.

As I have been sharing with you over the past weeks (and years), there was a lot of technological and vibrational interference and obstructions that were placed in us as well as the grids. Removing hidden implants and controlling technology is a common part of many lightworker's paths where we must face into our energy stories and see how we are being manipulated or distorted. Similar pockets of technology have existed in parts of the grids.

One of the main remaining 'blocks' that are being worked through in the lightworker community is the continued presence of widespread manipulative technology that remains(ed) active in energy fields of those who have not gotten their vibration high enough to break it.. What would it feel like if you had some of this active? Here are some examples: -That weird voice that sounds like the one that you trusted that leads you into disaster or chaos;

-seemingly inexplicable 'triggering' right before you are able to make a positive life transition; -obstruction of information as you read texts or communicate (it is like you only see or hear some words, and vice versa with those who communicate with you); -feelings of despair and like you are a failure that are a-typical to your energy story history; - a slight rattling that feels like anxiety or the no feeling that can get to intense that occurs when you are reading or experiencing things that might lead you to their discovery.....like this piece of writing, for example.

Part of my work in service and session has been to flow through these energies, restoring balance and autonomy to system. As with all things, there are manifestations of an energy and then there is the actual root energy itself. Yesterday, dear friends, we were able to make a serious move on taking a main piece of the remaining active technology driving/feeding off of/energizing these things. It came out of the earth looking like a big huge black thing with all kinds of tentacles that were woven into the interstitial fluids of the earth and grids. More of that story later, there is still work to do on that. Here is a message that shares about it from my dear friend Kalia written this am: https://www.facebook.com/shamanicnatureconnections/posts/211087079490001

The reason I am writing this post to you is that I have seen and removed many similar pieces technology from lightworkers over the years. As this piece was being pulled out of the earth yesterday, I saw that many who still had it and similar pieces still active would be able to much more easily pull them out. Waking up to high powered solar winds is validation of that. We have these purifying and electrifying waves of coming in to support our cleanse, so we may as well use them. Yes, today is A GREAT DAY TO CLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY!


Connect into the crystalline core of Gaia Call in all your aspects and align them to source Visualize yourself as being encapsulated by a beautiful column of healing pure white light Once there, ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to support you in this process

Once they are with you, say,

"I AM an autonomous energetic being. I operate according to the frequency of high vibe love and light I release any piece of technology present in my energy system that prohibits me from being my best Me

I Am Love I AM Truth I AM Light.

And so it is."

As you go through this process, envision yourself releasing any old bits and bobs that are in your energy field. If you cannot find them yourself, Archangels Metatron and Michael will help.

Once you performed your release, renew your connection to the crystalline core, yourself, and source. Call in the highest vibration of light you can Allow it to purify, align, and cleanse your cells to support the great work you have just done.

Once your practice has concluded, thank Archangel Michael and Metatron. If you're so inclined, follow up by going out and having a nice day <3.

Here is a photo taken from Thursday during ceremony. Their frequency will support you as you connect to this process.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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