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What would you tell people who are new to the ascension path? A list of tips lovingly prepared by my


Many people are waking up right now and beginning their journey through the ascension path. A few days ago, I posted this simple question to my facebook family: What are some tips that you have learned through your awakening path that were helpful to you?

These are the tips that came through (please feel free to share):

-Tiffany Russell: Be gentle with yourself and be present. Time in nature and being by the water (or in it) can be really healing. It cleanses and provides love, support, and wisdom

-Shauna Forrester: The biggest thing that has helped me through is not ignoring or trying to push down my emotions. Acknowledge them and feel into them. Send love and understanding to them and to yourself to help transmute and release them.

-Paige Elise: People use the word integration as if we are supposed to feel more whole and aligned within the entire experience...and yet I have found it more helpful to see that it is the human aspect that freaks out and is confused. The soul understands and is always growing and aligned. When I step back and acknowledge the human as its own aspect...I can soothe the human from a different perspective. Acknowledging the human's experience and emotions while simultaneously allowing for the soul's growth.

-James K. Kim: Know that we all came back here for this and we have our role to play. Keep yourself in high vibration physically by getting rest, staying hydrated, eat healthier foods, and meditate. -Sarah Luna: be gentle and know your truths do not let others who have are not on the path yet deter you away from what you know to be true in your heart of hearts. be open to your emotions and to all the things that come up, they are not to punish you they come so you can work through them, learn and then grow from them. It will not always be easy and for me I found/find solace in nature sitting with the sea and listening to her wisdom or resting my mind with the trees and plants and feeling all the unconditional love that they hold for all things. meditate in places you find comfort in be it your room, your garden, places in nature etc. read, read, read to inform yourself so you can understand the process and see how these cycles appear throughout our ancient history and see how far the beauty of this knowledge stems back. have a gentle curiosity to the newness that is unveiling itself and be open to the knowledge that will unfold and to the syncronisaties. and of course forgive yourself and others and breath in the unconditional love that surrounds us, it may seem farfetched but it does help in the healing, balancing and expecting of ourselves

-Annie Anna Webberley: "Trust" your intutition !!!!! Your inner guidess- FEEL it........... Use discerment when Looking for answers... Nature quietness...

-Tracy Busby: Cell salts and myelin sheath support helped me physically and epsom shall essential oil baths. Bringers of the dawn. Ingraining law of

attraction. Shielding and using lots of light inside to heal. Guided meditations, hypnosis, acupuncture, Rolfing, massage, body to earth, lots o nature, doing simple creative things that bring joy, pausing and breathing... 😊 😊 😊

-Kim Fende: What u r feeling is what ur healing. Choose wisely the music u listen to and people u surround yourself with. Our society has grown so disconnected from the earth and nature and that just by spending time outdoors, we can rewire our brain and align with the vibrations of the universe. Seek like minded people to support u in this journey. It can feel very lonely and u realize u no longer want to be with some of the people u are used to being around, and u may even find that as u grow, u will just no longer vibe and the universe will transpire to separate u from those that are longer in alignment with where u are, once u choose to vibe higher and choose to grow.

Spend a lot of time outdoors connecting nature; be conscious of ur breath. These two things root us in our bodies and earth and keep us in alignment with our truth

-Troy Stengel: Surrender to the experience is helpful

-Eilish Medlicott: You learn things dont matter nor negative emotions only love and living in the now is important

-Karen Woods: Accept that it may not be all 'hearts and flowers' but that it will all be worth it in the end as you become more authentic and more aligned with your soul. Read books that you are drawn to, find a support group of people having similar experiences (really wish I'd done that one sooner myself!) and if necessary seek help from those further ahead in the ascension process. Listen to your guidance at all times if you can, especially if it is persistent. And yes, spending time in nature has been crucial for me.

-Stephanie Dietz: 💖ASK FOR HELP 💖 We are all in this together. Ask, believe, receive ⭐️ You are MAGIC ✨ 🦄 ✨

-Brian Hartstein: If you find yourself triggered by anything, you have been presented with an opportunity to integrate an aspect of your own darkness.

-Wendy Jerosky: That it's a wild ride, most people still look at you like you have 2 heads, add chemtrails to the mix and you feel like nobody gets you but then you meet someone who does and it makes it all better.Be patient with those not yet awake, they will get there, that's why you as a lightworker were given your job,the universe knows you can handle it and you got this !!!

-Brianna Perez: Trust the process

-Bea Robbins: Listen to your body. Want more water...drink it. Want to move more...find some activity you like to do. Set boundaries...your energy is your own.

Put your bare feet on the ground.

Connect in whatever way moves your Soul...music, art, dancing, meditation, etc.

Be still and know thyself.

Repeat affirmations.

Love your inner child and play more.

Remind yourself that you are,in fact, not crazy, just awake.

Keep walking your unique path...tiptoe if you must but keep taking steps.

-Elisha Forrest: KNOW FIRST ‼️ that EVERYTHING u have been force-fed 2u is a complete lie~ it’s all a lie intended to keep we the ppl enslaved in this matrix hologram ‼️KNOW TOO ‼️that this world we r living is the 100% fake b 💩 lies upside down inside out topsy turvy bassackwards~ UFOs 🛸 n ET’s 👽r as REAL as u r~ EVERYTHING u have been told is true is a complete lie n all u have been told is a LIE is TOTALLY TRUE~ the TRUTH of ur existence has been hijacked ‼️BEST BOOKS/BEHOLD A PALE HORSE by Milton Wm Cooper (2( U R BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN by Sheldon Nidle~ i have myriad more but will get bk to u re it~ Blessings n much Love 2u on ur journey~ enlightenment is a never ending transformation ASE’ ALOHA NUI LOA~ PLS WATCH WHAT U EAT~ THINK~ FEEL~ DO,~ACT UPON 🙏 🌹 💙 💥 🌟BELIEVE IN MAGIC 🦄 n the INFINITE POWER OF AGAPE LOVE

-Kalia Diya: I agree with Shauna. The biggest and most helpful tip was not to buy into any story that emotions bring. I learned, after a lot of practice, to simply observe, do some detective work (why am I feeling this? What is this emotion trying to tell me? What is my truth?), and to hold space for myself until I could completely release whatever was coming up for review. And I need to add: Love yourself in every single moment. Once you start any form of self-loathing or negative self-talk, you are only delaying the healing process. So tell yourself "I love you". It works. <3

-Karen McClamrock: I also feel that a good, clean diet helps with assimilating the energies and in keeping vibrations high. Do things as you feel lead to.

-Shawna Brinkman: I would tell them to take a DEEP BREATH AND HANG ON!! LOL

But seriously, the thing that helped me the most in the beginning was simply finding others of likemindedness and sharing my experiences. The comfort of knowing others were on the same path ofenlightenment was very encouraging and uplifting. Also finding others further along the path of ascension is key to understanding what my path MIGHT look like... it was helpful to gain insight from others who were “one step ahead of me” and could offer some guidance.

-Jeffrey Johnson: The first most important thing I've confirmed after my awakening is that there is no "right way" or single way to shift yourself into a higher level of yourself, however I still recommend learning spiritual tools for healing, clearing, grounding and centering yourself. Being who you know you are and choosing to no longer be who you think you have to be to go through the challenges of expanding your consciousness is vital! We're meant to be our own leaders first and foremost so that we don't have to find ourselves in toxic dependency for things we can do for ourselves. At the same time, when it comes to seeing others just not understanding why you're changing, the best thing is to acknowledge that you're on a totally new path now and they're on their own paths, no matter how painful it is to have to part ways with them. Also, in terms of judging and holding anything against anyone and yourself, it ultimately doesn't get YOU anywhere to do so since everyone is doing the best they can in every moment. If we could do better in those moments, we would, and how things turn out is always happening for a reason that may be revealed later if you're needing it. 💖 Treat it as a video game or story and you're the main character, where it's best to choose how you can creatively respond to life without taking things so seriously. 😂 Fear itself, as I found out, depends on our lack of faith in love and ourselves to truly be anything threatening. Once you choose love and allow yourself to evolve into exactly what and who you're meant to be, then the courage and confidence to do so comes easier. 😉 🌟

-Sonya Julie: How my path has looked: Time in nature has been consistent all along. At first, with pain & difficulty, the decision for small changes like parking in a new spot, taking different routes, changing what media consumed, etc etc. Started doing yoga, Thai Chi, stretches. Then started with positive affirmations, Louise Hay, recognizing my emotions (finally, instead of burying them away or confusing them w/thought) and looking at them to learn and release, acceptance, parts work (inner child, inner teenager, past lives, etc.), learning self love. Recognizing synchronicity and Law of One was huge for me, understanding I am the universe. Learning more about Angels and ascended masters. Seeking out books and podcasts that resonated. Joining a spiritual online group and learning about daily energy management, tapping (EFT), and vision boarding. Finding new ways to look at the world. Changing habits. Learning to observe and discern while removing judgement. Seeking trusted advice within and without. Becoming a Reiki Master. Practicing intuitive tasks with tarot and gemstones, etc. Seeking out info, finding David Wilcock, and processing these ideas. Seeking out that which resonates, finding Sandra Walter and Lisa Brown. Finding sites like Live in 5D and Love Has Won. Finding Gridwork community, fine tuning and continual practice and cycles. A beautiful never ending journey that I am so grateful for.

-Lone Holm: We have to allowe and accept-but for 3 days-i have not been able to sit up or to walk-i love that we can share -many have been very dizzy -if you have a job-call in sick-rest drink a lot -and ride the wawe-its clening aut all the old 3d stuff--please love yourself-i send love to you all-lone

-Puja Kumari Keshri: I learnt that v all r one..in childhood, my grandfather said to me that every person holds divine spark and as I grow I forget this things and treat d people very harsh and inside me is full of anger and dissatisfaction..but know in this path I know that my grandfather was right he's an angel for me. I have learn that we should respect and change the perception because we don't know what people are suffering from. Know I don't get angry at all I love each and every being in this world.. I pray alot and always show my gratitude towards the universe.

-Deborah Postlewaite: Be kind to yourself and others. Remember your thoughts become your reality quickly. Be very aware of that!!!!!! Also, remember that others are going through what your have been or are currently going through- before you act upon something. Crystals are your friend. Epsom salts baths when you feel crappy, add a crystal to that bath, essential oils, clean food, lots of water and fresh air, get in nature when feeling out of it. Hug a dog or a cat. All of these things have kept me functioning. Love and light 💚 ❤️ ✨ 💫 🌟 🌟 ✨ 💫

-Lori Goschy: My experience is the same lessons showing up for me to resolve. I’ve had success with asking for my guides, ascended masters and Archangels (especially Michael) to help me heal and resolve while I sleep. Feel like most healing and ascending happens during this time. Petting my dogs, epsom salt soaks music and nature are my friends! I struggle with feeling alienated from my friends and family but these FB forums help! Thanks Katie for organizing.

-Tien Neo Eamas: 1. we begin where we are. 2 there is nowhere to get, no specific technique. 3 we came to experience our own journey and every single one of them is sacred. 4- the most important- lighten up, it is not supposed to be serious! do and be JOY, make sure you are having fun. your access to your higher being is through JOY and nothing else!

-Scott Montgomery: Trust your gut but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Your intuition can be a powerful ally as we are faced with much opposition and misinformation. Don’t be afraid to let go that which does not serve you. Most importantly be a beacon of love and light. Be a shining example of those higher vibrations.

-Meg Bouman: I love reading as spirit brings in the right ones you need to create a big picture, with the intention to find the whole truth. Books I have LOVED that deepened my perspectives and explore the bigger picture have so far been Dolares cannon- ANY! Between death and life and the convoluted universe have so far been my favourites. Family of light- Barbara maciniak Elkhart Tolle- new earth Cosmic disclosure (series) Kyron channels with Lee Carroll Ancient civilisations (series) Then from there spirit led us to katies teachings and other lightworkers which built upon the expanding perspective of our true reality 😀 my advice would be don't be afraid to drop the beliefs for new ones that fit! It will happen many many times and the more you go with it and not identify with them the easier it is to let the new in 😀 also get into grid working when your ready, I'm an amateur but to go out with the intention of gratefulness and love opens you to the beauty that surrounds us and our true love power

-Marcela Joy: I would like to add simply knowing someone else is on the same path is soooooo helpful. I sorta felt like I may be a bit crazy at first, until

I re-connected with other ascending friends. Take time in nature!

-Huong Nguyen: Ascension is a journey and discovery of self love. 100% loving (and owning) your authentic self, even the messy, dramatic and dark sides. Embracing your human suit with all its lumps. Understanding it’s not a smooth process but there is beauty in every moment if you surrender to knowing you are already perfect. And yes, bring the wine and a tribe that keeps you laughing!

-Brenda Harting: Awakening is coming home to yourself, to your heart. The best things you can do for yourself are to listen, to ask, to let go, and trust that you will know what is best for you because feeling is not a bad thing anymore. Love is the answer to everything! Find or carve out your joyous place to grow and don’t give up. We have your back! We are One

- Tara-Lynn Rioux: Breathe. Don't rush the process, be willing to deal with the blocks . Sit in the sun, soak up the moon, nature, nature,nature! Be still, journal and listen (body, mind & soul) Find what works best to ground you & so much gratitude!

-Laura Whieldon: Awakening on the ascension path is becoming lighter as uplifted in our awareness that there is an interconnectedness to everything ...being okay with the good the bad the ugly and the amazingly beautiful as all experiences are connected to the whole source. As humans experiencing the vibrational changes we may feel so called issues come up related to possible resistance or clearing of patterns. We may have physical changes as we adjust. It is about remembering who we are and trusting, loving, accepting ourselves for our human time here. Love yourself and be kind to your all knowing self. You are perfect. Keep it “light”. It is also so much more to experience and learn with all the answers within 💗 For me (and everyone is different) connecting to nature especially water sources, eating a plant based diet, doing self hypnosis & meditation, yoga , observing a lot , epson salt baths, essential oils all ease the human side affects :) I’ve been called a hippie lately lol

-Daniela Castro Copier: Trust your instinct (it is the voice of you soul) *Walk in Nature as much as you can. *Watch your breath and in challenging moments take several deep breaths, close your eyes and let the answers come. *Observe, process, discern and act. *Keep the vision of your desire, AT ALL TIMES *Meditate and drink A LOT of Water.

-Emily Mattison: When people have funky stuff happen that I feel is related to what is going on with Ascension, I mention what is happening with the energy waves, starting from a more or less astronomical perspective. This typically opens the door to talk about vibration, dimensions, personal possibilities etc...often I quote Russell Means who said,” to the earth we are like a bunch of fleas who can be shaken off whenever she feels like it, so we need to think about how to get our act together...” Then I refer them to you, Lisa, Sandra, Etc. who have the in-depth material they need for their personal journey.

- Elisa Wiebe: Cultivate a yoga and meditation practice. Let it blossom into an act of self love, and an opportunity to connect with your I AM presence. The yoga movements will help release trapped energy & emotions so you can begin to process them. The mediation will help you find stillness, where can observe your mind, and separate from your ego.... sing, dance, and be in nature as much as possible. Create conscious days, were you completely detach from all technology, Facebook, IG YouTube... take it as a opportunity to put the stories of others, or shared experiences of others aside, and focus on your unique path. What's going on with you? What's coming up? How can you bring more balance?

-Mark Wells: Start a conscious healing journey. Develop a creative disciplined spiritual practice, practice creativity in which ever way calls you, and don’t take it all too seriously. Cultivate love for all moments and experiences and people, and keep on dropping down into the heart as often as one can remember and feel too.

And have some fun!! 🙂

And my advice? Be real with how you feel, daily energy practice like auric cleansing and chakra clearing is essential, don't be afraid to ask for help, and do the best you can to be you. That's exactly what you came here for.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow (and all names listed above!)

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