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Greetings, friends!

On 4/11, I released a piece calling in support in anchoring the energy of truth and love into the earth which was in support of bringing in the highest vibration of truth and unconditional love to support upcoming waves of transition: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/photos/a.1504056846568985.1073741828.1500372216937448/1775240556117278

Shortly following that, I made several joyous posts talking about souls being released, celebrations happening in the astrals, and all kinds of wonderful things occurring.

When shifts like timelines being closed off and freedom being granted to large groups occurs, they often necessitate a massive re-organization process that works its way through balancing energies. Many people woke up today with the sense that something ‘big’ was rippling through the astrals, and it is this upon which I would like to focus today. We have entered a new era, as proclaimed in the Council meeting I share an excerpt from below:

"Earth has entered a new era, it is so. no longer is life viewed as en experiment. it is an experience. one to be treasured and lauded as a celebration of peace amidst chaos, triumph of love over will, and the integration of what was once war.

No longer are the earth beings prisoner to the narrative of manipulation. Though we cannot free them from their connection to that narrative, we acknowledge that all ties to that 'real' reality are in the process of being diminished. Ascension is still ascension and releasing yourself from the prison of your thoughts is an important part of initiation.

BUILDING ON THE SHIFT WE SPOKE OF YESTERDAY THIS IS A TRANSITION FROM SCIENCE TO LOVE. No more are humans to be governed by those who do not experience that which they come to this earth to share. No longer do notions of ‘good science’ and ‘technical advancement’ triumph over unconditional love, fairness, and sensitivity to all.

This represents a major transition in the way things have been done. This represents a moment when the human experience connects to the sun."

As these words were being spoken, I received the vision of the ties brought up for Veritas resolution as part of the balancing process. I also saw how the purifying energy of galactic central sun is being poured into Gaia and the grids, dissolving all that is not in alignment with 5dplus truth. Those of you who were part of the 411 anchoring participated in this process. You are welcome to tie back into it at any point you choose.


For one thing, right now there are many who have been held according to false soul contracts, with ongoing operative technology, or who were working on these stories as lightworkers or participants. Many timelines are being cleared, pieces being aligned, and souls being ushered through the rainbow bridge into the light. Moments like the ‘review phase’, chances to release soul contracts, and the opportunity to experience great clarity and growth come with the balancing affect. As this energy of purity through Veritas ripples through, it releases all eligible obstruction points it touches. Things that we used to not be able to see all of a sudden are seen. With that sight comes choice, liberation, and truth.

As part of the release, there are little ripples of distortion rippling around as they are being vexed from the earth seek a place inside of fear, pain, or lack of self worth onto which they can latch in order to stay here. Weird dream encounters, the potential of what is experienced as lower vibrational or menacing energy, and tests relating to remaining shadow aspects can be part of this. It makes sense, though, right? We are shaking up some old debris that is ready to be released from the planet. If we notice it leaving ourselves in our own healing process, so too may we become aware of this process as it ripples throughout earth. What matters is staying high vibe, choosing love, and trusting the strength of the high vibrational timelines.

Building on all of this, tt is a great time to make sure that you are acting in your highest alignment, keeping up a high vibe home space, and being REAL with any shift this might shake up. It is a BRILLIANT time to be calling in your new alignments. All this new energy coming in and these proclamations mean that there is a more bright, high vibrational experience that is in the process of flowing. Connecting, aligning, and be-ing in it is a big part of calling it in to personal and planetary trajectories. (See my playlists at www.indicrowacademy.love for tools on how to do this, as well as my book Connecting In)

More from me soon,

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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