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Tests, Initiations, and Flow: How Do You Know if you are In or Out of Alignment?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Many of us on energy-based paths tend to go with the notion that when we are in high vibrational alignment, that things will just flow. We believe that when we are doing what we are meant to be doing, things will seamlessly line up. Their occurrence in that fashion provides us with validation and trajectory: When things go smoothly, we know that we are on a high vibrational path.

This is very often the case!

There are other times, however, where even the most high-vibrational pathway experience includes moments of ‘WTF’ that leave you scratching your head and wondering if this is even what you need to be doing. These moments are just as important as the smooth flow, for in them you are being granted the chance to create a new vibrational reality within which you are then able to step. It makes sense, right? Part of ascension is lifting yourself out of vibrational patterns and experiences of all sorts into a new way of being. In some cases, it can be compared to bushwhacking. There is a certain level of ‘face your shift’ that occurs as you move through energy transition. In fact, this is what that transition is all about. In the process of creating our paths, we do face some uncomfortable moments. This piece focuses on these initiation moments and offers tips on how to determine whether you are being tested or have fallen out of flow.

Ascension is a Journey

Throughout their journey, a person will reach many variations of their path. Though each is unique to the soul moving through, it is fair to say that at our current version, a common awakening trajectory includes peaks, valleys, rivers, roads, and mountains of experience. There are some great highs but also some lows and a lot of what is going on here’s? In the context of initiation, a person will have walked many kilometers and made it to a milestone in their spiritual or energetic development. This will have included moving through limiting patterns and behaviours, changing circumstances like relationships and jobs, feeling more awake and inspired, and various other forms of growth. Things may have progressed so much so that they have found themselves in the coveted ‘flow’! They feel good, are gaining their confidence, and finding the belief in themselves to GROW!

Seemingly all of a sudden, just as things are getting really good – BAM. Friction. This can come in many forms including physical discomfort, rapid transition of circumstance, and repeated roadblocks. The point here is that whatever occurs makes you uncomfortable and represents a seeming break in ‘flow’. In these instances, a person gets to the point of being able to shift their deep-seeded patterns and in the moment of extraction/change/release, they get put off by the experience itself and energetically pull back from it. If what they were experiencing was indeed a test, initiation, or growth point they will find themselves most often revisiting the situation time and again until they are able to co-create into their new, post-pattern flow. Some people use the term ‘looping’ in these circumstances, because a person winds up in a repetition scenario.

I want to be very clear here: There are some moments when a situation merits the decision to adjust strategy. There are others, however, where the friction you are encountering is a chance to complete something in your personal development or service. With a little love, trust, and tenacity, you will be able to get through. A big part of stepping into your I AM mastery is being able to look in your heart and find the trajectory that is best for you. It is often the road less traveled. Even though it can be difficult and scary it is worth it. You know what tends to come pretty swiftly after those tests? Rewards, growth, and new keys into you.

Why Are We Forgetting About Tests?

The role of tests and initiations are a well documented characteristic of many forms of knowledge and practice. Especially of the esoteric sort. Vision quests, long journeys to oracles, completion of rites; all are examples of the role that they play. Coming through them represents knowledge, growth, and a mastery of a certain level of consciousness or expression. In contemporary ascension pathways, the types of skills or opportunities to cerate that you will interface with are largely based on your soul’s unique trajectory. There are common experiences that certain soul groups have signed up to work through, which is a complex matter that requires its own post.

As I reflect on the idea about how people might be getting this confused, I think about the narrative that many writers (including myself) share. A lot of the time they are theme focused, expressing things like where we went, what we learned, and what the heck is going on with energy. Let me tell you, my friends. I get tested and initiated on an incredibly regular basis. There have been many moments in life where things have happened that totally had me questioning whether I was where I needed to be. These ‘check point’ moments occur before and through just about every mission and coincide with each gateway of growth. Now that I can quickly recognize these blips as such, I am able to move through them with mastery and get to the good stuff – co-creation, new pathways, and energetic growth (our rewards). That does not mean they are not still difficult to navigate by times and if you let them be, frustrating. The point here is to huff for a second if you need to, get your shift together, and move on.

How Do You Recognize An Initiation or Test?

What are some identifying factors you can use to discern if a situation or experience you are encountering is a test or initiation?

Timing: One of the most common ways to recognize if you are experiencing a test or initiation is the timing of the incident. Is it coming up just before or through a gateway? Are you about to begin a new course or do a session? Are you in the process of making a big change in your life for the better and then and – BAM – you have a rattled cage or hit a brick wall? It is quite typical for us to have moments of challenge just before breakthrough our growth.

By taking a moment to observe the timing and theme of the incident, you may well recognize that it is related to a transition you are in the process of making. In this case, choosing a high vibrational pathway serves as a point for co-creation of your trajectory.

Repeating Patterns: Building on timing, you will often times notice that tests and initiations bring us face to face with the patterns we have repeated in this and other lives. This can range from addictive tendencies, to relationship issues, to boundaries and more. The point here is that as you are moving through an initiation you will often be given the CHOICE to take the familiar path or to create a new one. Building out of these recognition cycles is the way through them.

Take note that if it is a heavily engrained pattern, it may take more than one go. Do not give up, keep connecting to your highest vibe reality and know that the more you go with that, the less these strings show up.

Sickness: Many of us experience early parts of our energetic development as liberating us from various forms of dis-ease. We feel better than we ever did before. As the energy of the planet rises and we step onto new ‘tracks’ of our soul’s trajectory, there are moments we will be able to rapidly shift our energy body. (This is happening more and more now along with ascension waves as well.) This is how our senses awaken, this is how we turn to crystals, this is how we connect to an awakened human experience. Let it be known that rapid energetic change will bring about some physical discomfort. In these cases, the idea of timing and context comes up once again. Is this happening in correlation with solar flares or waves of ascension energy? Is it happening as you are moving throuh releasing other parts of your energy story?

If the answer to these questions are yes, focusing on caring for your energy body, securing yourself in daily practice, and taking the time to physically adjust your structure to the new vibrational experience you are getting access to is key to enjoyment. Referring to yourself as ‘sick’ keeps you in that time loop. Over time, notice how viewing and treating yourself as going through an energy change shifts your experience. What was once a 'pain' can become an interesting sensation to nerd out over.

In closing, I leave you with these thoughts. It is important to remember that ascension takes courage, tenacity, and endurance. These are qualities that each of us who signed up to be here now have within us. With every moment of challenge comes what feels like ten more of joy and growth. You can do it. I encourage you to believe in yourself, find the love to see through the more difficult times, and grow, grow, grow!

This life thing. What an experience!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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