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Crystal Gridsystem Activation Phase Complete, Choice Point Reached, Birthing Process Initiated

Greetings, friends!

It is with great joy that I share these words and images with you. Yesterday was comprised of several momentous events that have created the conditions (and space) for our next step in ascension. We have hit several milestones as well as an acceleration point. Congratulations, thank you, and I love you to all involved. It is incredible to see the resilience, tenacity, and teamwork that such achievements require. A beautiful message of congratulations was offered by my friend Kalia Diya, which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/pars.kutay1/posts/10156458466929235

As many of you know, one of my main responsibilities is working on supporting connection to the crystalline grid and constructing/powering up our advanced energy system and transition technology. As I was out on the grids in service yesterday, I received a very strong message that "the time is now" to make a major transition and shift. The alignments had come in for gatekeepers and crystal masters spread throughout the planet to come together in cooperation to connect, activate, and elevate certain aspects of our technology and the main crystal system into a new phase of completion.When I called out for your support in a post with an image called 'muster point', it was because any and all support that we could get flowing into the grids for the next few hours was needed. There was much to be done.

Together, myself and lightworkers from all over the world (and galaxy) met in the astrals, connecting from where-ever we were geographically and in some cases, into all of the spaces that we have worked. *A lot happened, and what I share is most certainly but one piece of a larger beautiful tapestry of co-creation. I offer it in humble service to the collective.* This photo-essay commemorates some of the key moments that I am being called to share in honour of this day and all that occurred to create it.

In the leading three days to March 3, 2018 I had been feeling agitation in the 'birthing' sense. When major transition occurs I tend to feel on edge and need to rest and meditate much to remain in alignment. After greeting the sun in the morning (pic 1), I received guidance to go inside, rest up, and get ready for what was to come. Earlier in the day during Council, I had heard the words that "playtime is over" and it is time to kick things up another notch. Knowing something big was about to crest, I went inside and took a quick nap. When I woke up, it became clear. Time to get myself out on the grids.

Prior to beginning mission phases, I like to spend time meditating, charging, and connecting in the sun codes before doing daytime work. I feel passionately that when I act for New Earth, it is important to be in alignment with the primary ascension Christed timeline. Taking the time to connect in allows for that. The third and fourth images in this series show the influx of diamond frequency, incoming codes, and the presence of beloved Mother/Father Christ to soothe, protect, and guide me in my flow. The sign of the 'x' in these images indicates that these actions are supported.

On my way to the charging point, I reached the sign saying 'Muster Zone'. After meditating, I issued the public call (noted above) to you. I also called into the astrals for all hearts on deck. Dropping into the grids I saw what the mission was and began my work. In this sequence, I went to each place that I had been building and working on crystal technology for the last few years, all the way from the south of France to Vancouver Island and back, securing and aligning all of the major crystal points and feeding them into their auxilliaries. As I moved through the network, it was a joy to meet and connect to the lightworkers who guard and work them, many whom I have had the pleasure to meet in this life like Julie Wade Lambe. When we meet in this dimension it makes our astral connections stronger. It can be just like seeing your friends to meet up! We checked in with one another, connected our main nodal points, and then shot off to do other tasks once again.

As I connected with my teams, we aligned each of the crystals and activated the 'software' of lightcodes that had been put into place in them or the grids feeding them in this and other lifetimes. After the fortification process occurred, I checked in with the other workers again and heard that all systems were go. We unified in our connection and brought in as much light as we could through pillars, portals, and various other points that we had set up in our lives and work. We called in major rainbow waves of light and saturated the grids. I received notification that all of my technology to be activated that moment was turned on and to spread out to support the closure of a major series of access points. Several tech masters congregated at a site of technology and brought it down. Several others started working on the points that have been called out by sister Natalia Alba in recent posts including Russia and Khazakstan to build them back up. Confirmation of a major transition point came to me through image 4, when I looked up and came to the sign that said 'pathway closed'.

After about 5 minutes, I received another major message: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE REACHED A NEW PHASE OF ASCENSION!!!! (This roughly correlates with the time that Lisa Brown was writing about how we had reached a cosmic birthing point - I interpret these messages to be complimentary.) I got excited and started crying tears of joy as I saw us streamlining into an accelerated New Earth ascension timeline. After a few moments of bliss, I collected myself and got ready to anchor in again: I had made my way to my favourite city block and buildings who act as major conduits for light codes.

As I walked down the street I opened up my light column and called in the frequencies of light into the grids in and around this and my other areas. The final 4 images in this photo essay depict incoming lightcodes and alignments shooting into and through the gridsystem, being sent to the portals, nodes, crystals, and vortexes which I and these points are connected to. Looking at them and connecting to them will support your alignment to New Earth Frequencies as they continue to come in and flow. We are increasing in flow.

Many of you may be feeling the transition in your energy bodies with much purging and/or activations; needing to sleep lots or in my case, being awake several nights in a row; meeting individual choice points; review phases and more. (I will share a separate post summarizing the tools and tips I have offered to be masterful in these moments in a separate post. If you would like to see them sooner, please visit my playlists linked through www.indicrowacdemy.love.). I also highly recommend the work of Lisa Brown who has been sharing steadfastly through this transition.

What happened yesterday was made possible by us. Every choice to love, every alignment of energy, every connection to the grids and the truth: It all matters and it all helps. I thank each and every one of you out there who shares in this beautiful process and I encourage you to KEEP IT UP!!!

Here is a live link to the album of pictures described herein. I post the larger photo sharings primarily through FB to keep the run time of this site as reasonable as possible. I invite you click this link to see the images: https://www.facebook.com/katie.indicrow/posts/434682403650381

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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