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Emerging Light: Forum Series focused on Nurturing the Next Generation

April 7-8

A few months back, you may remember me releasing a video talking about supporting energy aware young people in their growth, development, and learning. I then announced my intention to start some form of information sharing platform/campaign where good quality and practical information could be developed.

Well! Emerging Light: Nurturing the Next Generation is a forum just about that.

Being co-hosted with Julie Dhara Roberts, this forum happens on line and in your own time. Mixing things up from traditional e-forum format that happens in a room with person after person speaking, this one occurs in digital space! All presentations (there are 8 of them) are pre-recorded and then released to you - the participants- to enjoy. This means that registrants get a package of 8 20-30 minute videos detailing a different form of energy aware youth-based exercises and strategies including family yoga, homecare education strategies, wand use and creation, and understanding/communicating about emerging psychic awareness and senses. For a full list of presenters and topics, see our fully detailed summation through Emerging Light on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1963530770563554/

Because they are recorded sessions, you are able to connect in at your leisure and watch them over and over again.

Participation: To get the full forum experience, exchange is set to $40 CAD which is to be used for hosting future events in physical space, website hosting, and other expenses incurred to get this material out there. We want to be clear that we will be releasing these videos for 'free' over time and hosting them on an Emerging Light website which will be open access to all.

To register, contact newlightcrew@gmail.com!

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