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A Proclamation of Balance For Atlantis (and a story about how balancing works)

Greetings, friends!

It is with great joy that I come to you today. I address you in collaboration with Prime Creator and the Council who is overseeiing the event I am about to describe. This is an example of the magnitude of energy being shifted in these glorious moments! It is but one of many accounts of the Veritas balancing process that is at play in this phase of ascension on Gaia Mother Earth.

You notice how when we go through major timeline jumps, you find parts of your karmic story or wounding that you need to deal with and release? Perhaps little pieces of old programming and technology that is sticky? So too this happens in regards to the 'overarching' storylines and timelines. You see, as we shift out timelines and work through them, there are certain imbalances that we encounter that require rectification in order for us to move on in co-creation of New Earth. These imbalances, at the core level, have the ability to affect hundreds of thousands if not millions of souls (on and off the planet). For example, think about what happened at the fall of Atlantis and leading up to that. A lot of people were there and affected, right? Part of getting to and through the release or polarity switch of the energetic baggage of these great events is to work them through in a fair, thorough, and loving manner. As we move through the energetic transitions of earth, certain events that influence her trajectory as well as that which affects large numbers of beings comes into view.

The images you see here are what is the result of a Veritas Tribunal which was held in reference to a case of cursing and soul imprisonment that has been found as part of the energy vexing and shifting occurring on earth. The energy underlying the foundation of this case is heavily associated with the time period before, during, and after which Atlantis fell and its consequences continued to bear influence on the lightworkers whom they were meant to hamper in this day. As it was discovered, the act was done in a way that is not in alignment with the conditions of such practices even back in those days, let alone this one. It involved an energy figure who was active in this period taking steps to maintain control of soul fragments of members of divine feminine representation of the energy that was to be dispersed during the fall for safe keeping. It targeted some of those who were selected as knowledge holders of what became coded 'divine feminine' and other aspects of the Atlantean truth order. Its impact was 'curse like' and impacted the affected souls throughout their continued trajectory to this day.

As part of the return to balance the following activities ensued (are occurring):

The souls and soul fragment swere freed and returned.

The timelines and beings associated with this course of events are in the process of being brought back in balance.

The alignments to overarching timelines are in progress.

This 'code' represents the decree proclaiming the herein described balancing actions, as well as the reconstitution of the lines affected by the committed acts. Something of this magnitude is brought before and sanctioned by Prime Creator as well as a Gaia and Galactic Council. You can see the various different languages which are represented in its creation. It has been released through the sun as of two days ago and is currently in the process of working itself through.

Those connected to Atlantean timelines may be particularly interested in meditating on this image and working with the code.

And so it is.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow in collaboration with the Veritas Committee, Prime Creator, and the Gaia Council who formed this decree.

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