What Is Ascension, anyway?

WHAT IS ASCENSION? (An energy history quicky)

Greetings, friends!

In this video I talk a bit about a question that many of us ask and get asked: What is ascension? I take a few different perspectives and do my best to help you know how this works for 'us' as planetary population but also, in our own lives as we transition ever closer to our true selves.

From a planetary perspective, I talk about how the earth works as an energy system, how we as humans have changed over time, and what happened when the planet and grids went dark. Ascension from an energy perspective is raising the vibration of the planet so that she can function at a much higher level that is closer to who she is.

From a personal perspective, I share about how we as people carry around a lot of the BS associated with what happened when the planet was in darkness. Finding ourselves, clearing out our old habits and ways, and stepping in to love is all about bringing in the light!

As I note in the conclusion of this piece, the vibration of earth is raising and so too is the consciousness of so many of us, especially as we make the choice to move on the path of love. More and more will remember that we have a role to play in helping to light the earth grids back up. I leave you

with my piece, "Connecting In":https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7MIabniR2_LZUlCVWoxTEVnem8/view

If you would like access to my body of work that I mentioned herein, visit this youtube channel and/or my websites www.indicrowacademy.love; www.indicrowenergetics.com and IndiCrow Energetics on FB.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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