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Co-Creating New Earth: Let's Do This!

Co-Creating New Earth: Let's Do This!

Greetings, friends!

A quick message to invite you to join me each day on placing dedicated focus on co-creating the New Earth.

We are in incredibly potent energetic times. It is a good time to plant new seeds. In fact, a good measure of the energy is about growth, expansion, elevation, and is great to put towards embodying/co-creating positive change.

We experience the reality we create. People often times ask me how we are going to create 5d society? They want to know when we will arrive there and what it will look like. I respond to them that we are the ones who build that society and world. Most certainly there is overlay work being done which is clicking in to place. That is gridworking. What we speak less about is that our day to day and collective experience is extensively shaped through what we put into it through our exchanges, actions,and interactions.

That's right! New Earth is being co-created right now by people like me and you through seemingly mundane activities like where we place our thoughts, how we treat each other, and the way we act/perceive/think about our world. You know how we did (are) recreating our own lives energetically? We can extend our intention and work together to do that for the planet.. We do this through acts like gridworking, public and personal ceremony, and our various acts of service.

Today's energy drawing and practice represents focusing our intention on co-creating New Earth each day from wherever we are! This is a flexible practice that you can use any time. The take away point here is to focus very specifically on bringing energy into New Earth.


(Not an actual pic of planet earth :P)

Connect in to the crystalline core and align yourself with the crystalline core of Gaia (light blue heart in this image)

Connect to your oversoul, align your aspects, and call in your heart based connection with creator

Recognize that you are a creator. A being who chose to be here at this specific time to support planet earth, Gaia Sophia, and her transition back to freedom.

Connect to the intention to contribute to the energetic creation of New Earth. An existence where all choosing love are free.

Recognize that there are many of us New Earth co-creators here right now, and more are waking up to it each and every day. We form a collective and we are responsible for our health, happiness, and growth.

Know that Together, WE are strong.

Allow yourself to call in the incoming energies/astral/technological support that you are available for anchoring in to the earth grids (this could be from your star family, through cosmic alignment, solar flares, etc)

Visualize our transition and support the intention of securing our collective path in the highest vibration trajectory possible, in alignment with the highest good of all. If you are non visual, use the words 'our transition' as a focal point for our movement through.

Allow the energy you are working with and through to come into you and any anchor points you are using, securing it back to the crystalline core where it will positively benefit us all.

Intend to extend this energy into any and all places of our New Earth grid where it is to be best used. (Gatekeepers like me gratefully receive these reserves as ways to power up our work. Please know it really helps.)

Envision our crystalline New Earth being bathed in love, receiving all she (we) needs.

Close the practice and have a beautiful day.

Thanks for being here, co-creators. It is an honour to serve with you. Remember that all members of this team are important, as is everything you do.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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