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DNA pt. 3: Solar Plexus, I AM

DNA Spectrum Activation pt. 3

Activation waves continue!

Building on what was shared in pt. 1 and 2, the influx of energy today seems strongly focused on solar plexus clearing, aligning, and growth. (Although this post was created in the context of a certain energetic day, its utility is widespread! You may use this process any moment you would like to work with this part of your energy body/activation.)

Our solar plexus holds within it our I AM center. This is the place that we work from when we are expressing who we are and living out that which we are here to do. When our solar plexus is clear and strong we are able to move forth confidently, doing what we came here to do in joy.

Many people experience obstructions in their energy system related to life experiences that they have had where they have been slammed for being who they are and/or made feel unsafe in the process of doing what they do. Indications that a solar plexus is 'blocked' or needs clearing are if you have great ideas but do not believe in yourself enough to follow them through; if you do not feel ready to speak your mind; if you hold low self esteem energy that tells you that you cannot do the things calling you from your heart and dreams.

The energy of today is great to call in for releasing any fears blocking you from doing what you came here to do. It is also GREAT energy to bring in and use for setting intentions and stating I AM practices. As an example: Several people have contacted me to begin training today. The energy is coming in, they are taking moves and they are ready to do! You can use it in the same way for you!!! I encourage you to take steps for empowerment and to be brave, courageous, and in love with you!


As I connect to the energy of today through my drawing, I can feel many people working through what I describe as inner cage rattling. You know that feeling of 'resistance' that we sometimes get that feels like our body is being shaken from the inside out? Like core rattling? I feel a lot of that being worked though. It is that inner gunk that says no you cannot and it is ready to be worked out.

This image is good for meditation and as a way to spark clearing codes in your energy story. I invite you to reflect on it and its interpretation which you may then apply for your own use!

The blue and the orange represent your sacral and throat chakra energy which tends to be aligned with your solar plexus ability to speak and act in your I AM. The spiral of silver sheathed in gold is the balanced masculine/feminine/silver/gold rays which are working through to equalize imablances and to help your solar plexus grow.

The yellow circle and triangles represent your solar plexus and I AM energy presence, as it is connected to your now, past, and future. The energies working though the spirals help to clear out and align anything that is in your energy story that is ready for release to promote healthy solar plexus flow. The blue spiral in the middle is to awaken the truth that lies within that connects you to your mission. You are who you are and you are here to be and speak that.

You can do this. We can do this. As I said yesterday, anything but love is an illusion. Stay with that and work this through.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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