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Timeline Streamlining Now


A quick update today because I am focusing on gatekeeping and it is involved. Words and concentration on this dimensional form of expression is not coming easily, and that's ok!

Yesterday, we were working through the astrals and with the daily influx. Word came through to cut out 4d transition timelines and to begin dredging out probability energy of that which was laid down in potentiality during Lion's Gate season. We seeded several possibilities, both on personal and planetary, which would have been the path of unfoldment. Basically, we are cleaning up threads and streamlining.

As this goes on, we are also receiving massive pulses of clearing energy. These waves continue their role supporting the alignment and calibration of our energy systems. It is a gift. Use it! It feels like it is working through that which we began this week (heart, solar plexus, third eye) with the addition of crown. This is not always gentle working such high vibrations through the collective. I know a lot of people are feeling a lot of things. If you are all over the place, it is ok. You are not alone.

Personal practice is of high importance. Taking time to adjust your timelines, your dna, and to call this energy into your system is a great way to work through this with mastery. I have created series of videos to support energy transition in moments like this. Most are tabbed for access through www.indicrowacademy.love.

A NOTE TO THOSE WAITING ON APPOINTMENT TIMES and THINGS FOR EARLY NEXT WEEK: I cannot do calendars, today. I will return your requests! Look for me tomorrow :).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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