DNA pt. 2: Opening Hearts and Powering Atlantis Crystals

DNA Spectrum Activation pt. 2

Activation waves continue!

Building on what was shared in pt. 1, today we have an incredibly powerful influx that is bringing with it room for growth and expansion by way of unconditional love. (Although this exercise came through as part of a specific influx, it is useful ANY TIME you want to contribute to opening hearts and/or contributing to Atlantis. This spectrum is active once again and this is a useful aid to connect/clear whenever!)

Yesterday we focused on third eye and purple/violet spectrum in our DNA focus. Our third eye and psychic sense were stimulated. Today, we connect to expansion of heart, connection to the emerald ray crystal spectrum, and allowing ourselves to live our lives in love.

Unconditional love is an important part of divine truth, and learning to see and embody the 'god particle', this 12 strand + activated DNA spectrum that many sacred orders have worked to protect. Anything but love is an illusion. Fear, pain, aggression, unhappiness - what we have been taught is the human condition - is not at all what we and this planet are about.

Connecting with this drawing will help you awaken and widen the spectrum of the emerald crystal ray within your DNA. Moving through the series giving each a few moments consideration is recommended!


Feel into the various iterations of green; use them as a guide to invite in these variations in the light spectrum

-allow their energy to move through all of your lives, giving love where needed and turning anything but that to sparkle dust.

- Allow them to watch to all the spots where love is needed most. Wash them into ties of lies, pain, hurt, disappointment, lack of self acceptance, judgement of self and others, feelings of being un-lovable, misunderstood. None of these can be taken with you.

- Using the curve and slope of the lines of this image as a guide will encourage connection back to what is you. Truth. Unity. Love.

ALSO - If you feel inclined

This energy is also being pumped into a series of Atlantis crystals. Pleas use exercise 2 in the back of 'Connecting In' to bring this energy into them. Their precise location is not important - part of what we are doing here is calling them awake through our hearts. We are raising these babies soon.


I love you to hear your experiences with this energy and these drawings! Please feel free to comment :).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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