• Katie IndiCrow

Caring for Andara Crystals

Greetings, friends!

Many people are hearing the call to re-connect or come into alignment with their very own andara crystal. They are powerful, beautiful, and mysterious. So much so that it can sometimes be difficult to find information about how they work and what we can do to take care of and understand them. Hearing that call, Dana and I are excited to introduce an ongoing video series! Together, we will share what we have learned about connecting and working with these beautiful tools In this first piece, we share about how to take care of your crystal friends!

We suggest that you:

- Get to be friends with your andara. They are sentient beings. Pay attention to them!

- When you first get them, you will want to clean and smudge them.

- Get to know them piece by piece. All andaras are different. Each has a specific set of capabilities that you can learn about as they connect with you and who you are. o You can do this by taking them for walks or on trips or sleeping with them.

- As you for your relationship, you will be able to hear your andaras speak. Listen to (and pay attention to) which energies or types of care the andaras might need. Water, sun, sound – all of these vibrations can help to clarify, unify, and align yours.

As I made note, Dana Marie is an andara re-connecter. You can find her and the pieces she is care-taker for at Elemental Ascension: https://www.facebook.com/ElementalAscension/ I do all sorts of mission and lightworker special topic training as you know!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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