DNA Strand Crystal Activation: Violet/Third Eye/Pineal spectrum

DNA Strand Crystal Activation: Violet/Third Eye/Pineal spectrum Pt.1

Greetings, friends!

It is with great joy that I present this image to you.

Yesterday, we hit several milestones in our ascension journey. Conditions for the commencement of widespread 12 strand (crystal) DNA activation have been met. This is an

exciting time. The galactic order responsible for its activation are free.

My light spectrum drawing for today is an activation point that you can use in aiding to wake up and/or invite the crystalline activation of this incoming energy into your third eye. It is drawn to connect you to the component of your dna structure that enables you to have third eye vision and sight, and what connects you inherently to the collective conscious of New Earth (your heart is also involved in that – more when it is time). All humans have this capacity.

Incoming waves of energy that are being delivered to earth right now are aligned for this focus. Call them in to your crown and use the drawing for inspiration on the flow. Spiral the energy down your energy system in one direction from source all the way down into the crystalline core of Gaia. Allow the spectrum to widen in light and light up all the purple/violet/indigo in your dna. Feel the sun (if you’re in it) and the light! When you are done bathing and activating, spiral the energy back up your energy system from the crystalline core back into source. Seal the practice by aligning, balancing, and connecting in to yourself.

When the time comes, this image will also be useful for stimulating the crystal network associated with the violet ray/third eye chakra of New Earth. If you feel drawn to that sentence, you are invited to pulse into working with it now or any time. We are powering up the crystals and your support is appreciated.

In loving co-creation,

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