Major breakthrough: Justice For Galactic Truth Telling Order

Hey, friends!

This update relates to the call from yesterday.

A major breakthrough is working its way down the line regarding the righting of galactic imbalance and truth telling. I went into council around 12:30 MST and received confirmation at specifically 1:44 MST that the energy of the decision was about to be distributed in the grids.

As I understand it, conditions repressing the truth of a certain order of galactic truth tellers was about to be released. The awakening of the 12 strands of DNA and the support of those who came here to do that begins without obstruction now. No longer are galactic conditions and technology related to experimentation, muzzling of a certain order of truth, and the conditions upholding of a synthetic/non aligned 'higher' order being upheld. Their dissolution is now. This is exciting news.

Purification energy is being pumped in. Old story lines are being shifted out. The power of muzzling is no more.

Validation that the ceremony was a success came to me unexpectedly in the form of a brilliant 1 second snow storm that occurred just as the light ray of this new truth were being brought through the sun and pushed through in codes to be anchored on earth. This series, taken at 1;44 this afternoon (each bearing that time stamp) shows precisely this moment. In Pic 1: Archangel Raphael is visible in a green orb that is on the sidewalk. You can see the sun charging up. In pic 2: SNOW!!! still 144 and woah - there are several affected orders and Masters present, ready to shift the work. This includes the energy of the Magdalene, Lady Nada, and Lord Serapis Bey. Orb moved. Pic 3: Energy dispersion, no snow, and a signficant spreading of the spectrum.

Whatever comes up right now within you, keep going. I get the sense we have just about met the conditions to begin widecale activation of 12 strand DNA. This is important!!!

I will share more about what is occurring as it comes up. For now, I must continue on. Those participating - keep up the great work.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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