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Lightworkers and Love Givers: Incoming Energies Offer Us a Chance for Growth (call for collective ac


This is call out to those of you who have spent your lives dedicated to service. As you know, so many of us have endured some pretty messy energetic circumstances that still leave resonance on our lines. I know that we are all working on this in our own ways. The energy presenting itself to me these last few days, and right now in particular, feels incredibly potent in its ability to help us shift out some of the imbalance, grief, and pain that we are still working through in our various story lines. We do form a collective, and even if we do not know one another down here, many of us have been working together for a very long time.

As a collective, we are being given the chance to change and grow. As I understand the flow, it will remain in high effect mode for the next 2 days. I am putting out the call for any and all who resonate with this message to join in with securing this energy into our personal and collective timelines right now!

I have been working on this task pretty specifically for about a week this go, and will share some pictures and stories of ceremony in a follow up to this post. There are additional lightcodes to support this transition in them, so keep an eye out for that. The pictures with this post are from a ceremony done yesterday with Kalia that encapsulates the healing potential of this moment.

It is with great honour, love, and respect that I offer you these suggestions to gather together in collective action now and at several points through the next few days to shift some of the energy patterns we are carrying into a higher dimensional plane of vibration. Whether you lived these lives or not, your love and intention is welcomed. Your support would be welcomed and received with great love.

Here is a summary of the basic practice I created in alignment with this energy flow as it continues to flow.


Connect to the crystalline core of Gaia.

Call your aspects into alignment

Connect in to your oversoul

Bring in your primary ascension timeline and signal that you are about to make some changes!


Releasing the energy of betrayal

Releasing the energy of death, ownership, and servitude engrained in the lines of our service

Releasing the perception that we are weak, stupid, or to be taken advantage of

Releasing the unbalanced delivery of our energetic gifts (focusing on the patterns of giving without receiving, martyrdom, and self-sacrifice)

Allow yourselves to return to your connection with the crystalline core of earth.

Part 3: ADJUST

All of us have crystal healing chambers that are available for us to go into when we are making rapid energetic change. Imagine yours and if you cannot remember it or are not bringing one to you – BUILD IT! *in its own right, that activity is a lot of fun* Mine is like a living crystal that shifts based on what I am working with and through.

Bring yourself into alignment with a crystal healing chamber that encompasses every part of you including your oversoul and all your aspects, securing you to source. When it activates, it feels like a pillar of love light and purification energy that runs through your body, rippling off of the walls of the chambers helping to clear and de-code these patterns from your DNA.

Be here as long as feels necessary. Perhaps you would like to repeat some of the energy points or create some of your own.

This is a guide, not a rule book and you are encouraged to adjust this method to make it your own.


Return to your connection with the crystalline core and ground yourself. Align everything again as detailed in pt. 1

Call in the highest vibration of creation energy that your body can handle. Once it is flowing well, focus on the intentions written below (and of course, add your own)

Securing energy to: healthy boundaries

Securing energy to: balanced exchange of all sorts

Securing energy to: respect and honour for the care givers

Securing energy to: truth for the truth tellers


Allow yourself to go to your chamber again if you need to and receive healing where it needs to go

Once you are ready to step out,

Re-new your connection to the crystalline core

Re-new your connection to your aspects, your oversoul, and source

Call back in your timelines

Finish off and remember to HAVE A NICE DAY!

Here are 2 images from ceremony linked to this from yesterday. The lightcodes will support your soothing and connection to this process.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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