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Sunday Funday: Building a Lightworking Tradtion


Oh hello. It's Sunday. Day of unity meditations and one of my favourite times of the week to do lightwork. YAY! I love this day so much that I thought - hey. Why not invite all of you in this community to join me in starting a community tradition: SUNDAY FUNDAY! A day to join in, in astral and physical space to take part in joy, lightwork, and to have FUN!

What is special about starting this playful tradition?

Ascension is about having fun.Starting up this tradition feels like a great way to remember that and celebrate ourselves, our progress, and how far we have come. It is so easy to get caught up in going from task to task, moment to moment, and to get hyperfocused processing whatever you are working on in personal or planetary service. I have to admit, I have been guilty of being so task oriented and taking things so seriously that I was forgetting to have fun with and through it.

One of my most valuable lessons this year on the road is how much is possible when you are relaxed, having fun, and connecting with people you love and trust. Co-creation is about joy, fun, and as we progress; togetherness. Sunday Funday feels like a moment to put it all aside, connect to who you (we) are, and to make sure you are having some fun! Let us continue on with our good work, ensuring that we spice it up and add in an element of f-u-n! A dinner, a fun drive, bringing together a great team to laugh with out on the grids - all of these are ways to flow the love.

For this Sunday Funday, I am spending time creating andara work with beloved Dana from Elemental Ascension. From there, I will be taking the time to purposefully and consciously 'connect in' on the grids, as always! (I welcome any and all of you to join in that activity to do so! Connecting In the handbook talks about all kinds of ways that you might like to be part of this process.)

Sunday Funday. Let's make this a thing! What do you think? What are you doing today to celebrate?

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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