The Energy of Today: Pulling Purification Through  Your Core

It has been a few weeks since I felt inclined to share a pictorial representation of the influx being worked through. This morning feels like a great time to resume the practice. This image is a representation of what you can bring into your own energy field for clearing and alignment. This is also useful for collective practice. Interpretation: This image represents the purification energy that is available to be called in and worked through your energy field and core. The spiral represents that which you bring down through your crown, and the crystal space beneath the feet as access to your earth star and crystal connection to earth. The use of the colour 'orange' to represent the human aspect connects us to clearing energy that would be associated with what is in your sacral chakra area (or where that would have been). Extending this into energy lines, those who are working on lines like Atlantis, Rose, etc. are invited to bring this energy into the collective timelines and to facilitate clearing in alignment with the highest good of all. As I understand it, looking at this image will support your connection to the purification encodement which is available to all. Using the image as a guide, you can bring in the purification energy through your crown and allow it to swirl all the way through your energy system. The swirl represents that action. After completing the clearing, be sure to connect yourself to the crystalline core once again and call back in your alignments for highest good/primary ascension timeline.

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

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