Connecting In: Powering Up Ourselves and the Grids

Open access to my updated for right now EBOOK ON THE GRIDS!

Greetings, friends!

Many of us who gather here know and feel that we are in the process of moving through something fantastic. The flares, the waves, the light - we know ascension is happening in this N-O-W.

For the past two years, I have been sharing extensively about how we, you, all of us can contribute to this process. This has included learning groups, lots of ceremonies, ongoing energy updates and more. A main focale point in it all has been to share about the earth's energy system (known as the grids) and to invite all willing to get together in cooperation and unified intent to get (and keep) them lit!

In support of that effort, prior to September Equinox, I created an energy system information booklet called 'Connecting In' that talked about what ascension is, how the grids are connected, and what you can do to be part of a love wave of embodied action to align, connect, and power them. As I noted back then, ascension happens quickly and how/what we need to do would most likely change. Well, it has!!! So much so that it is time to further refine how we interact in teamwork with the grids!

it is with so much excitement that I come to you with an UPDATED VERSION OF CONNECTING IN!!!!

Please take the time to read it, play with it, and share it with your friends. I am being shown that continued coordination around incoming waves is integral to slingshotting our next phase of ascension. I will continue to share about that through my various channels. Any and all willing hearts are welcomed to join in.

Also, if you happen to host a radio show, website, tv segment, podcast, chat forum - anything ascension related where this information fits in - please feel free to share about this piece through it. I am happy to do interviews, lead ceremony, and provide as much information as I can to anyone seeking more knowledge on ascension and the grids. As I understand it, getting this information into the mainstream of our communities is going to be essential for the later teamwork we are going to need as part of adjustments we will be doing in the future.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#gridwork #ascension

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