Anchor in As Much As Possible: Another Great Shift is Upon Us!!


Greetings, friends!!

Let me begin by saying that it is a very wonderful series of moments to be alive in. We are being pulsated with high vibe waves of ascension supporting energy, today through the coronol and mass CME ejections coming from the sun. Ships are in and adding their technology to the mix. Not to mention, Equinox is lining up and we have two beautiful full moons forming bookends with this month. By all accounts, March is most certainly shaping up (and proving itself to be) a big month.

I am full on gatekeeping these last few days, connecting in and bringing in the frequency of the flares through myself and using them to help co-create and activate the transition into our next phase of ascension. As writers like Lisa Brown and Sandra Walter have been saying, this is a time where ancient knowledge and technology is being activated and awakened. Much of my time has been focused on that.

The reason I am writing this post today is that the gridsystem is in transition and the flares and frequencies being beamed in to our atmosphere are powerful. As I have explained throughout our ascension journey together, free will and personal intentional light anchoring is INTEGRAL to our collective transition. This means that the more of you who are able to connect in to the waves and bring them with intention into the earth, the better it will be for all of us. Many hearts make light work!!!


-One thing you have heard me say over and over again is how important it is that we come together in energetic service and solidarity as part of co-creating New Earth. As we know, the whole idea of gateway dates etc is changing. We are sometimes presented with opportunities to slingshot our transition and this is most certainly one of them. This series of flares coming in is particularly transformative. Calling them in with intention is a great way to help us get them into the grids.

-Do your work with your own soul and energy body. Get real with yourself, integrate your shadow, and release technology oppressing your vibration. Many lightworkers have been obstructed. If you cannot do this yourself, people like me are around to provide support.

-Get your vibration as high as you can. I can physically use my body to anchor these flares directly to earth. So can you. The higher the vibration you have, the higher you can bring through you. Daily clearing and aligning like we have talked about all year is important. We are playing the long game here.

-If you are on the Rose Line, continue working on what I shared with you last week in your group email. If you did not see that email, check your filtered messages. It was sent through a reading list.

-If you are a gatekeeper, now is a very good time to clean up your line. These flares are excellent for lighting up dark spaces, clearing, and releasing. As some of you are sensing, we are making huge progress. It will be fun to compare notes when we get a chance to breathe.

-And of course, for everyone - CONNECT IN!!!!! If you want to know more about how to do that, please see the exercises in this little handbook I made called 'Connecting In'. I created it for moments just like this so any and everybody could help with turning on the grids. You can find it here in 'Ascension Materials':

More from me when I get the chance to write again. I leave you with some pictures and videos of the incoming energy codes and light anchoring work that is possible at this time. There are 2 albums. 1 on FB:

1 on Instagram (I share a lot of cool pics there):

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#gridwork #ascension

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