Energy Update: Connecting to the New with This Influx

Greetings, friends!

The energy that is pumping through the earth as part of settling/transition in preparation for a gateway activation/opening feels fan-tas-tic! As noted in previous posts, every day is a good day to do work on yourself and your missions. What seems to matter more now is the tone of what is incoming, and how we apply that to ourselves and our service.

Well, rainbow lovers, what is flowing to and through our gridstructures as part of an opening targeted for tomorrow feels like an energy field saturated with rainbows. Whatever you require in balance will be there; the spectrum is here to illuminate and uplift those who are ready to experience just that. This is a lovely one, folks, and it is speaking to me that it is very applicable to connecting to and continuing the harvest of new.

I write to you today to invite you to take the time to connect to the seeds that you planted during the entry to Imbolc, nurtured during the solar eclipse/new moon, and to continue anchoring in the Christed frequencies to them in this now. By continuing to return your intention to them and nurturing them in this way, you are building an energetic bridge which extends toward facilitating your connection with that which you are calling for. Makes sense, right?

Some of you will notice that as you move through this process you are feeling some major discomfort. Consider the reasons for why you are experiencing what you are in those times. Is it related to the intentions that you planted to change? Are these ever increasingly potent waves bringing up that which you need to move through to connect to your higher vibrational life? That tends to be how intention forming and setting works; we speak with our hearts and form the bond of intention in repeated ceremony and alignment to call forth that which is in our highest good. As our soul connects to that energy, we sometimes have to go through what is within (and without) us to remove barriers and build bridges to this vibrational reality. I made a video to express the importance of holding intention during a pocket like to those of you seeking additional information on how to connect to trust through these transitions. Note how much more tired and less shiny I look. That was me in the midst of this major purge when I experienced it! It still happens but it gets easier, and how I move through it truly is using these tips:

For those who have been working along in ascension ceremonies and/or connecting in with the wave patterns we have been riding over the course of the last year of major alignments (solstice, eclipse, Lion’s Gate, 11/11 etc.): These are good moments. It is with great joy that I observe so many of you taking steps to express yourself, to embody the energy you came here to be, and to share love and support in your own special ways. I am experiencing this too and finding that it is important to adjust many things about understanding who I am and how I share and where I live. It is exciting to change and receive new mission information and tools. If you have not already begun calling yours in, now is an excellent time to do so. Things are beginning to settle, we have new things approaching for next month, and many of us will find ourselves with new and different tasks to do. Let's get on it!

Gridwork wise, as I understand it, these next few days are great ones to bring about our connection to our highest timelines, to call in our newly aligned missions, and of course; to pump a lot of love into the grids. This surge feels incredibly transformative, and I get the sense that it will be highly conducive to solidifying higher vibrational timeline trajectories for much of what we are connected and contributing to. There are multiple chances to initiate big transition. We are the co-creators of our reality and what comes next is indeed shaped by us. May we serve with love and compassion in each moment.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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